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Hackfest 100000 Mortem

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

27 April 2006

Vinny- Ruby on Rails
Erik- Studying for OCA cert and finals
Luke- Helped Graham do awstats, looked at python at antlr.
Graham- SWIMM stuff

This week:

Luke- connect guile to nethack via C
Vinny- MIDI in electropaint or more Rails
Erik- co-browsing with subwey
Graham- simple many channel rec in Audicle

Atlhack Prehistory

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

Not sure if these were the first formal meetings, but there were a few summer meetings at Graham’s house.

Friday 18 Mar 2005 (vinny’s notes)
–  Last hackday
     –  Graham
         –  Basic direct sound functionality – loading, playing
         –  Loaded MP3’s and played them
     –  Vinny
         –  Managed to do nothing.
         –  BEEP has no complete implementation in .Net
         –  I’ve decided to use Java
         –  I want to make a prodcedural game
–  Today’s Plans
     –  Graham
         –  basic decoding in Bass
     –  Vinny
         –  Finally make a BEEP app, in Java this time
             –  Do it in eclilpse
         –  Brainstorm game ideas
–  Today’s Reality
     –  Graham
         –  Managed to decode a whole MP3 and rewrite to raw PCM, load in editor
             –  Works grrrrrreat!
         –  No FFT analysis yet
     –  Vinny
         –  Configured eclipse
             –  learned about the workspace, and projects
             –  played with the visual editor for 2 seconds, before
                   it crashed
         –  created a project called BeepMe, for chatting
             –  imported beepcore Jars
         –  Pirated a beep sample code to do something
             –  runs a server – does the slowest ping ever.
–  General Ideas
     –  We’re going to take hackday notes
     –  we want our server!
         –  running social networking goodies
         –  be a place to leave notes, code
         –  we need a domain… looking for ideas.  hackatl?
Friday, 20 May 2005
–  Since Last Hackday
    –  Graham
    –  Vinny
        –  Gotten bounce to work
            –  Currently bouncing on 3d needs 2d sqare
            –  ODE works great
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Graham
        –  Auditory Masking
        –  GUI – plugging segmentation algo w/ sequence editing
    –  Stephen
        –  Has a prime number generator in "Processing" (java subset)
            –  speed optimization and graphic scaling – run forever
    –  Joel
        –  Max/MSP
            –  Patch takes the difference of sequential notes
                –  attempting a call and response behavior
            –  Integrating two keyboards and creating harmony
            –  "Well tempered scale, here I come!"
            –  Creating a continuous (vs discrete) music theory
    –  Grant
        –  The return of spoon tease!
            –  A procedural world, a la the demo scene
            –  the end result – a Primer (Stephenson) or game (Scott
            –  Joel says: "Schrödinger’s spoon"
    –  Vinny
        –  Hacking MIDI into windowed electropaint
–  Today’s Reality
    –  Listened to 4 WHOLE EPISODES of Coverville.  It r0x0rs.  So
          does Rodeohead
    –  Graham
        –  Did a little temporal masking
        –  No success with acoustic / instantaneous masking
    –  Stephen
        –  It scrolls!
        –  and runs! continuously!
    –  Grant
        –  Laptop isn’t dealing with opengl, fell back on 2d spoon
              tease generation
    –  Vinny
        –  Struggled to get electrpaint in a widnow, no success yet
        –  Didn’t touch MIDI
    –  Joel
        –  Got inconstant results from Max/MSP
        –  Learned oodles of Max shortcuts

Friday, 8 July 2005 is up in a rudimentry fashion.  I’m waiting on a public IP
from my ISP for a full rollout, but I have a stub page up.  Send me a
link and a picture if you want to be added to it, or if you want me to
change what I have up there.

– Vinny

Hackfest 10000 Mortem

Friday, December 16th, 2005

Since last week:


  • Managed to get PyOgre to compile on the Mac.
    • One downside though: it doesn’t fully work with OpenSDL
  • PyOgre runs and a has started to tie into Commotion.
  • Scenes in Ogre can be created through PyOgre in Commotion.


  • Finals… *sigh*


  • Linux on kitchen sink.
    • Loaded up OpenWRT onto my Linksys WRT54G.
    • Loaded up Linux onto my Treo 650.
  • Did some MythTV work especially to fix my settings that allow me to have the MythTV box automagically shutdown when idle and startup when it needs to record.



  • Messed with commotion.
  • Downloaded a version of emacs thats not from the 70’s.
  • Spent some time on real-time document collaboration.
    • Real-time in this case means 2+ people are editing at the same time and all other editors see their changes in real time.
    • SubEthaEdit is an excellent example of this principle.
    • DocSynch markets itself as being exactly what Vinny wanted, but turned out that almost everything is still "planned".
    • Considering JEdit as a potential base to implement a cross-platform version.  Hopefully the protocol will be generic enough that others will implement it for other editors (emacs, eclipse, etc…).
    • BEEP for Java would be great for this if Vinny can find a open version that supports peer features.


  • Played with Emacs syntax tables and got the syntax system to tell
    him what was punctuation.
  • Contimplating the next steps for his prototype.
  • Potential next step: rewrite the code to do character level timing so that its easy to manage timing across edits.  And, crack the problem of serializing the data across sessions.


  • Did some reading of arm/linux documents and source code.
  • Thought about trust systems and personal data.  Can one create services in which the user doesn’t need to trust you?
  • Discussed rich instant messanger services.

I’ll linkify things later.

Hackfest 1111 Mortem

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Since Last Week:

New cool posters from pushmepullyou and methanestudios.
Podcast goes here.

Running in circles.
Doing homework and running in circles.
Nothing, except a birthday.

Today’s Plans:

PyOgre should be running.
Need to fix bug where text properties spread. Need them to be confined to periods.
Figure out how to make JUnit classes that wrap regular classes.

Today’s Reality:

Installed newer version of Python (2.4) and scons (python make). Pyst is not working.
Made clock properties non-sticky, which fixed the issues. Working on rendering the invisible clocks.
Will autogenerate testclass. You manually wrote a test class so he can design the code generator.
Will need to fix grading threads, each in their own thread-group. So when a student starts a JFrame in their program, you can shut down the JFrame as well.

Hackfest 1100 Mortem

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Nov 10 2005 Hackfest 1100

Since last week:
Slept a lot and watched a lot of TV. Profs give no love.

Learning about ARM processor – current issue with booting kernel is with finding and setting the page table.

Diagnosed server for rootkit, removed unnecessary services. Suggested I try debugging writeWithSpeedup with constant width segments. Got rails running with fastCGI – spawns server and maintains state.

Did 2 class projects, worked on debugging writeWithSpeedup.

Was in China for ICCV. Tsing Hua university – GaTech of Beijing. Presented on parts-based tracking of bees.

Plan for this week:
Focus more on watching the same show and stringing together episodes on different networks. Worked out bugs, want to figure out another way to autograde, as opposed to using reflection to check for methods. How can you autograde data structures?

Trying to find the page table ptr. The ptr isn’t addressable from the palm.

Broke commotion, so he’s going to fix it. With rails up, set up scrapers to dump to database.

Debugging writeWithSpeedup, reading SWIMM code.

Evolutionary war next iteration. Roadtesting spoontease utilities (procedurally generated media).
He let me play his video game, evolutionary war.

Studying up on sysadmin/tcpip/programming stuff for an interview.

Tonight’s reality-
Fixed a bug – took out unnecessary stuff in the framework.

Segments seem to be 1MB in size – learning more about memory system.

Debugging commotion – broke out properties were contained in nodes, but abstraction broke deserialization.

Combining stereo channels is bad. This is probably the bug.

Confirmed that his powerbook can compile and run networkable Evowar.

Photos on Flickr

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

My recent digital camera purchase has resulted in a stream of photographs.  If they are good enough, they make it to my flickr account at

Titus asked about saving photos from flicker – I think this was a ploy to get me to allow photo downloads.  The default setting is to allow other flickr members, but I have switched to the Communist setting of Anonymous.  Go forth and pirate my camera!

Hackfest 1001 Postmortem

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

–  Since Last Hackfest
    –  Luke
        –  found blurb about alpha Firefox UI feature, tabling his
              firefox project
        –  wrote simple CLI for jhymn  on Linux
        –  spent some time hacking a linux bootloader for palm treo
              (like GARUS)
    –  Matt
        –  Idea: chronological scale for google maps
    –  Graham
        –  Went to startup school
            –  Is going to write it about it tomorrow (says vinny, really on the weekend)
    –  Ben
        –  More autograding stuff – added something so that it can
              read in a request for a complete regrade of a test
        –  Made things nice and user friendly
    –  Vinny
        –  been playing with lisp/scheme, made cool drawings in
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Luke
        –  Website cleanup/maintenance
        –  play with Palm bootloader more
    –  Matt
        –  Haning out, might head home to work on PC
        –  Sketch user interfaces
    –  Graham
        –  Music editor is STARVING
            –  fixing "write with speedup"
    –  Ben
        –  Write something to let the TA run a specific method
    –  Vinny
        –  muck around with scheme/logo more
–  Today’s Realities
    –  Matt
        –  on vague timeline-animated-map-idea: babysteps, in the
              form of touching base on java(?) and GIS
        –  Also: brainstorming on a slick name, with approriately
              pretentious allusion
    –  Luke
        –  Got website things done.  TikiWIki updated.
        –  mail organizing and DHCP debugging via packet sniffing
    –  Graham
        –  Defeated the System.EngineExecutionException by
              reorganizing variables… marshalling issue?
            –  still buggy, tho
    –  Ben
        –  Reorganized some code
        –  read a lot of PhD
    –  Vinny
        –  learned the shape of a nautilus shell
        –  wrote some scheme/logo to draw one

Hackfest 1000 Mortem

Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Oops, forgot to post this.  =P

 o This past week, put together a working demo for the TAs, got some feedback.
 o todo: want to put together a new test type that allows the TA to run a specified test.

 o This past week, installed frootyloops on his notebook, did homework like a madman.
 o todo: will install emacs.  read swimm sourcecode

 o This past week, started working on developing apps for trio.  Started writing a bootloader for linux.
 o todo: came up with an idea to improve usability for firefox.  (Navigability without a mouse).  A "generate links" button.
   Also, intelligent transparency.

 o This past week, did 3d integration in commotion.
 o todo: want a behavior that puts a terrain in a 3d scene.

Things we learned today:
 o Courtship is the platform of the socially inept.
 o Jesus was a hippie.
 o Graham wants to cruise Nebraska to knock up women.


Hackfest 111 Mortem

Friday, October 7th, 2005

Hackfest 111 – Oct 7 2005 7:30 PM

Since Last Time:
Graham: Fun with MPI and OpenMP for his Operating Systems class.

Ben: Has completed much of what the old autograder did in his new framework.

Vinny: OGRE 3D is working with commotion. Basic 2D object tracking is also working.

Titus: Job Interviews.

Luke: Fun with XWindow IDs and reverse engineering windows-only eclipse plugins.

That night:
Graham: Investigated Ning, considered purchasing an audio device for the laptop, and pondered emacs.

Ben: Added UI sugar and honey to the autograder in Netbeans.

Vinny: Worked on Drupal and lost, but he went out fighting.

Luke: Self-realization, Self-rationalization, and a decision to cancel plans to buy a home. Did some dhcp debugging a bit too.

any corrections or missing info? 

Hackfest 110 Mortem

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Hackfest 110 – Sept 28 2005 7:30 PM

titillating facts:
Ben likes Firefly because it’s Sci-Fi, but they don’t explain any of it.
Ben hates the Magnetic Fields. But likes to dance to other pop music.
You can see the Octane music list from iTunes.
dmesg is one way to figure out what Linux distro a system is running.
/etc/redhat-dist is another way on machines that run some RedHat.

Since Last Time:
Autograder generator done, TAUI underway. Cannot view/edit results.
Discovered physics abstraction wrapper – GangstaWrapper (like Ogre abstracts 3d libs) abstracts the underlying physics engine.
Commotion into source control.
Nothing on Mused. Setup svn for SWIMM but it’s not working.
Found CDT, a plugin that adds C[++] support to Eclipse.
Some Wine development. Trying to get the Newsleecher installer working.
Right now, the installer doesn’t work. It doesn’t let you create directories. The installer is written in Delphi, and it seems to be some sort of win32 problem involving Delphi code.

Reorganize build structure to remove an extra module and make it simpler.
Get test editor working.
Do something basic in Ogre using Commotion, like basic geometry.
Fix the problem with SVN.
Get my file speedup stuff working, which might be hard because I haven’t touched it in weeks.
Finish reading EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) chapter 1-5.
Doing homework and teaching the graphics gospel.

Reorganized build structure. Cleaned up ties together.
Reduced 250,000 errors to 2 (bizarre objC error). Basic Ogre setup hacked into Commotion, but not quite.
svn now authenticating, rejecting everybody.
I messed around with CDT today, and just worked with the Eclipse environment some more. I think it would be helpful to actually be an expert on the environment, as it’s hard to both program for it and learn how it works (from a user perspective) at the same time.