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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

New Members: Mon, John, Josh

– @mon_ellis
– painter, photographer, filmmaker, artist, activist
– makes live action mixed with stop motion
– likes <a href="http://en similar al”>Jan ┼ávankmajer
– likes Living Walls
– uses Stop Motion Pro -> Final Cut Pro to make stop-motion films

– digital media strategy, social justice
– futurist, artist
– building entrepreneurial strategies around emerging technologies
– “just being curious, man”
– Dyson sphere, self-replicating robots to dismantle planets
– John Smart’s transcendence hypothesis
– Fermi’s Paradox

Josh Watts
– n-grams, shingles, fractals, mongoDB
– energy density of hydrocarbons
– thorium nuclear reactors

– searching flow field databases
– invariances? scale?

– talking with folks
– sketching in space and time