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Hackfest 10111 Postmortem

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

– Since Last Time
    – Graham
        – worked a lot on Clocks – almost done, at least one more bug
            – implemented proxy files to store data
            – save and load use proxy-enabled replacements
            – enabled conservation of time
            – wants to write article, release soon
            – needs to field test it by coding using it – is it
    – Vinny
        – work ($$$) work a lot – XUL + JS
            – leaving proof of concept for product integration
        – thinking about how to write documentation
            – latex
                – has lots of hokey syntax, like & ~
            – docbook
                – XML based
                    – lots of rigid, verbose syntax – not very terse
            – toolchains
        – thinking about schools
        – λ
– Today’s Plans
    – Vinny
        – write a blurb about commotion
    – Graham
        – fix that error
        – blurb for Clocks
        – Chromatic modulation in chuck
            – has diatonic chord progressions, wants more general
        – overall
            – Stickers (
– Today’s Reality
    – Graham
        – fixed that bug
        – wrote a blurb
    – Vinny
        – bad slacker! bad!
        – got a latex template from stephen, and read some of Stephen’s paper

Hackfest 10110 Mortem

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

16 Feb 2006 – Smash the Monoculture!

Joel’s sketchbook technique-
Write subsequent ideas orthagonal to connected ideas.

Since Last Week:
Fixed a UI issue with SWIMM.
ChucK listservs.
Released v0.5.1 of Commotion. Documentation forthcoming.
Potential art-book-distribution hookup.
1. Finished up instructions to do various things with linux on treo
2. Started to look at nethack and fuse.  i’ve decided that i should port my nethack code to guile and make fuse connections to guile.  next is to look for a rule engine for guile/scheme.  if one doesnt exist, i may start writing one.
3. Started to look at rhino the Java/Javascript engine for eclipse enhancements.
4. Pondered the idea of an eclipse plugin to develop/deploy/debug firefox extensions.

This week:
Work on clocks.
Fix texture scrolling in his demo.
Read Microkorg manual.
Cleaning up my filesystem and trying out a guild tutorial about linking to C programming.

Reading autoarg.el (obscure) as an example of an emacs minor mode.
Getting my clocks code running again, it’s gotten crusty since December.
Having trouble getting the texture phase to stop jumping.
Made some sketches concerning symbolic representation of identity.
Learned much about his synthesizer – n with a line over it is an M.
Learned about patching capabilities, LFOs, and EGs (envelope generators).

music: an Of Montreal and Rolling Stones and Shins playlist, courtesy of Octane

Hackfest 10101 Mortem

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

9 Feb 2006: Kicking Ass and Taking Notes

Earlier today Graham attended the GVU Brownbag welcoming the newly minted, formerly GSU – Gatech BrainLab. They work with developing invasive and noninvasive brain interfaces for control of typing, surfing the web, etc.

Joel came! He quit his job touching up photos and maps.
He has 2 big projects and one small one.
1. Narration of an epic story through illustration.
2. Digital audio instrument: keyboard + trackpad with deformable grid
that allows you to navigate through harmony and scale space.
e. Tattoo artistry for his friends.
3. Children’s book as studies for number 1.

Graham and Joel went to dorkbot-atl to see Kevin and Steve talk.
The presentations were on video sculpture and gamelan-western hybrid music.

Vinny and Grant discussed Web 2.0 business models.
References: Gallery Nucleus, Kaneda, Video.Google, Homestar Runner, Achewood.
Zero cost distribution for creative works (other than the work creating them).
Grant wants to develop more of his creative side-projects.

Luke got published on Digg and Engadget. He hacked his phone to run Linux + apps.
This week he is learning a little about eclipse, eclipse plugins, rhino, and the linux usbnet module.
Currently in Baton Rouge on assignment.

Luke and I will be having a crawdad boil in the future. You will be invited.

Ben has started work for Bill. He’s working on a secret feature for Messenger.
"The weather is lovely because the jet stream just shifted
But it will be gone in a week and then back to the doldrums."

Music: an eclectic mix of alt-country, including Bright Eyes, courtesy of Octane.

Hackfest 10100 Mortem

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

2 Feb 2006 – Hackfest 10100

Since Last Week:
-Got basic SchemePong working with user input.
-Used Event class to synchronize several ChucK melodies.
-Learning fuse, a library for user space filesystems. (in anticipation of the Revisionist fs)
-Setting up an LDAP for directory service.

This Week:
-Work on UI stuff, and scripting it with scheme, generating it with XUL.
Working on improving backups with AMANDA.
-Going to play with Opie, the Open Palmtop Integrated Environment.
-Getting OSC-pd to talk to ChucK.
-Fix the SWIMM UI.

played with
Not much luck getting OSC working in pd on win32. Vinny suggested using JavaOSC.

Hackfest 10101

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Come join us at Octane!

dorkbot-atl 2

Monday, February 6th, 2006

1) The next dorkbot-atl meeting will take place on Thursday, February
9th at 7 p.m. in the Couch Building on the Georgia Tech campus, so
mark your calendars! Kevin Quennesson from the GVU center at Georgia
Tech will present his interactive video work "conscious=camera," and
Emory composition professor Steve Everett will discuss his multimedia
shadow play "KAM: Ki Ageng Mangir."

Full information about the presenters and presentations is at

Living Game Worlds 2

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

The first LGW was held at the Biltmore last year.  This year, there are more presenters, the same hash of Georiga Tech professors, and of course, Will Wright.  Come see what Will has done since last year!

Registration is free: