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More hacking in Bloomington

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

– Alex has restarted his efforts to programmatically generate bad poetry.
— fixed the bit-rot in his old Lisp/inference-engine version
— started porting code for rhymes into Python
— NLTK is going to make this a whole lot easier.
— This wants to be running on App Engine, so people can vote snippets of text as POETIC OR NOT.

– Lindsey went to rehearsal for the choral piece she’s going to perform, answered a bunch of questions from her students, and is reading some papers about Foundational Proof-Carrying Code. And is still waiting to hear back from Jane Street.

Some of the grad students around Bloomington have started a weekly “study party” on Sunday afternoons at the local coffee shop — we need to hijack this and get them to work on cool side projects.

Also, our friend Will Byrd is getting a local hardware-hacking group together… he’s got Arduinos (etc) and is building animatronic kitties.