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Hackfest 10001000

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Warmish winter day old friends hack

destroying scribd,
using custom version of pdf2ppm toget text info,
building a DHTML interface to view pdfs

apartment hunting on the ipod

tried to learn simpledb
laughed at Tyrus quotes
thinking of running his scmple project on AWS+simpledb

learning Scala
trying to figure out a good environment to write code in
did some code archeology on old GT code

wrote another pass of her scheme compiler
went to the Google Workshop for Women Engineers
graded scheme homeworks

tried and failed to install Processing
practiced Kanji on his mobile device

working on Corkbird
saving things to disk working, now saving to cloud
Java, Django, HTTP form-data

Hackfest 10000111

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Cold day domestic hack
Pies, knitting, and code

– this weekend: learning Logo, wrote the “Accordian” [sic] problem in
it (and Haskell)
– it’s an acceptable-ish Lisp, although somewhat clunky. Also seems to
use templates instead of first-class functions
– queuing up a bunch of NLP papers to read
– tonight: Real World Haskell, chapter 4. Adventures in map/reduce.

– tonight: writing an automatic continuation-passing-style transformer
– wrote a compiler for a verysmall subset of Scheme (to x86_64 asm)
– interviewed for an internship at the Goog on Friday
– started being a TA for undergrad Programming Languages! Taught class
for a few minutes today.

– tonight: writing code in Sinatra, a ruby web framework

– tonight: knitting a lace shawl
– brought an apple pie and a berry pie
– explaining crochet vs knitting to Mark

– tonight: writing serialization code for corkbird
– wrote lots of testcases this weekend, which makes writing code easy!

Hackfest 10000110

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Nirmal (Patel) is here!
Telling us about his research and trips to Korea for a project.
He’s been reading for quals.

Alex is hacking Haskell, doing the Accordian problem.
Doing IO.
Working on chapter 4 of Real World Haskell.

Rob is scheduling a Martial Arts Movie Party.
He uploaded holiday photos. ( New Year’s Eve and beyond )

Mark is talking with Nirmal.
He worked on Corkbird’s Processing/Java -> JSON serialization over the weekend.

Lindsey made a page for her academic exploits, started classes (incl. a compilers class), and is now an Associate Instructor (aka TA) for the undergrad programming languages class.
Also: working on Project Euler, just finished #4.

Hackfest 10000101

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

(posting a day late)

– finishing up chapter 3 of Real World Haskell
– thinking about extracurricular GWTs

– working on the Factors and Factorials problem
— all that’s left to do is the formatting
— well, actually the algorithm could be better too

– mod_rewrite for feeds and author migration on
– started on a Processing sketch-sharing site, Corkbird

– hacked his school schedule
– something with Ableton

Hackfest 10000100

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

New Years Hacking

present: Graham, Lindsey, Alex, Alsie, Mark

Graham started on MSL,
his domain-specific language for mosaicing,
distracted by interactive fiction “violet
he’s postponed the interactive fiction he’s writing about his research group (for the moment)

Lindsey is reading “Algorithms in a Nutshell

Alex is looking at some Haskell

Mark making header images for,
randomly displaying them, writing SQL to copy tags from Drupal to WordPress
distracted by showing Alsie his collection of neat photos from the internet