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End of 2016 Hack

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

– Back in Atlanta for the holidays.
– Hacking on procedural content generation.

Close to beginning of Summer Hack

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
  • Nathan
    • continues to dissect Deep Q Learning application
  • Ram
    •  continue to read up on android development
    • finished reading up presentation on Deep Q Learning
  • Vinny
    • trying to interpret bitstream from unknown audio

Finals Week Hack

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

– looking for nextstep videos
– playing with (xmonad-like app for mac os x )

– prototyped Codeless debugging user interface
– searched how to create Google Cloud Platform projects from the command-line

– worked on looking through Amazon Web Services API documentation
– started work on sample clinch app

Looks like Finals week Hack

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Everyone discussed Lisp and the inherent complexity of modern software development.
Also discussed the possibility of creating a Esoteric programming languages meetup.

Maybe Dead Week Hack

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Since Last Time –
– got his test suite again
– registered for microcorruption
– planned for GDG talk coming up 04/15

Plan This time –
– make a test transmitting your state from a listener to the server
– go through tutorial on microcorruption embedded CTF debugging environment.
– did circuit design
– played nethack
– finishing taxes

Post Easter Hack

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
  • Ram
    • writing simple Golang GXUI program that will create gxui window
  • Vinny
    • making tests pass for schema changes
    • showed : an Embedded security CTF that can be played online
  • Nathan:
    •  was looking into getting Clojure up and running on his desktop
  • Alex
    • got xmonad running on Ubuntu

Mark-and-Diana-go-to-Austin hack

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

  – playing a lot of roller derby, bruised in interesting ways
  – preordered a drum machine on the internet (by teenage engineering)
  – learning about common lisp
  – reading CL-PPCRE and Ironclad source code to get an idea of good CL style
  – game jammed last weekend: Team of Jams: MMXV
  – tonight: trying to make a Mac .app of the game, but stymied
  – trying to make sense of the data he compiled about his health and diet
  – ordered stationary for getting married
  – fixed a bug in his ray/voxel traversal code

New Years Eve Eve Hack

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

30 Dec 2014 – Octane


Since Last Time-

Stuart – spent a lot of time reviewing papers, lots of very incremental research that should be tech report.

Vinny – trying to understand protocol buffers, a bin serialization format pop by Google (and in Common Lisp)

Mark – worked on NodeGraph editor, looked at Mohlenkamp (sum of separable function decom)

Jordan – made Rollerderby team, learning Ember – framework for JS frontends – angular- one big request and lots of little API updates, still in flux.

Rob – built an Arduino thing with a knob – Metropolis scene where the human responds to the clock, digital counter to count number of times. always something else to respond to. learned soldering and Arduino.

Xana – new!, learning pastry chef, have done puppet shows, and crafts and arch knowledge

Diana – sold a scarf, had the flu, learned how to knit.

Graham – finished subjective mosaicing audio experiment, did lots of plots of the data.

Plan this Time-

Xana – working on script for show that will debut in April (Lina und die Sperlinge).

Mark – play in Mathematica with function approximation. sketched curves that he drew will be approximated.

Vinny – gonna serialize and find a schema for image data and image data requests.

Jordan and Rob – draw dogs Tuesday with Paper (mac). Brian Lee makes comics proclaimed it.

Graham – trying brutal optimization on score building process. when making score, consider only local neighborhoods of parameters, when making new tracks, try a sampled subset of source positions.
mark suggests progressive rendering (first patches of pixels, then images)

Stuart – matlab issues, how to code pitch-synchronous overlap and add.

Diana – working on website and social media

What happened-

Mark – didn’t get func approx., has a transformation, add a wiggle to it. copying velocity and rotating velocity by a sine curve

Stuart – listened to music and reviewed Hamiltonian mechanics – why? entropy is fascinating and mechanics answers it.

Jordan and Rob – fashion dog is one of 8 dogs (4 each), will send fashion dog

fashion dog

fashion dog

Diana – changed the design of website, erased text, tweeted about Splinter and vegan taxidermy

Xana – added two written songs to the script, wrote 4 scene descriptions, organized the script by color

Graham – introduced stubs for computing a square subset of correlations.

Vinny – figured how to do union types to have one message for (update/data). protocol buffers don’t really have official union type, just optional fields. have to enforce that only one thing is set (or new feature: only one)

Ronnie James Dio Hack

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

– made a ronnie james dio lyrics generator
– writing shaders for gpu programming class
– making prototypes of level designs for a game about a robot
– writing more llvm
– learning phi nodes and SSA form

Robot-Drive-LLVM Hack

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

– writing Unity code for robot motion in a game prototype
– – robot picks up items in the world and gains abilities from them
– hard drive failure :'(
– was planning to learn some haskell tonight
– learning llvm
– walking through “IR is better than assembly”