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Ronnie James Dio Hack

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

– made a ronnie james dio lyrics generator
– writing shaders for gpu programming class
– making prototypes of level designs for a game about a robot
– writing more llvm
– learning phi nodes and SSA form

Robot-Drive-LLVM Hack

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

– writing Unity code for robot motion in a game prototype
– - robot picks up items in the world and gains abilities from them
– hard drive failure :’(
– was planning to learn some haskell tonight
– learning llvm
– walking through “IR is better than assembly”

D3-Fluids-Games-Bonds Hack

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

– Doing a lot of d3.js at work
– Reading about her toe numbness (caused by practicing for roller-derby)
– Wrote some of his thesis on fluid simulation and control
– Figuring out how to get a visa once he graduates (lots of complications)
– Homework for “Video Game Design” and “GPU Programming”
– Encoding graph of bonds in anthraquinone and graphene (for the Freeside Programming Team)
Jordan and Rob:
– A critical reading of “Gymkata” and “John Carter

Occult Egg Slicer Hack

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

– working on Lume
– won two awards at the Convergence Innovation Conference
(for a live audio captioning app for Google Glass)
– tonight, grading Computer Audio projects
– reading twitter and showing us occult websites (
- learning about domain mapping and HTTP redirects
- buying an egg slicer
- generating nonsense images and text in Processing

April 2014

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Another hack report! We remember to post updates sometimes! Tonight is a night that we remembered to post to the blog. Here it goes:
– Installing GameMaker
– Going through tutorial on low-poly game art: “How to make cool stuff in Unity
– Low-poly game art in SketchUp
– Found that tutorial that Rob’s going through
– Updating her website to include design work (not just photography)
– Minimum spanning trees in Processing this weekend
– Texture synthesis via randomized graph traversal in Mathematica (as in “Painting by Features“)
– Recently: GStreamer to capture slit-scans of trains moving past his apartment
– Cocos3D for viewing photos

Cold November Hack

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

– programming an arduino with color leds, to be part of a phone case
– it will connect via bluetooth w/ an android app to give your apps more bling/pizazz
– (for HCI class)
– reading “learn you a haskell for great good”
– exploring using emscripten to convert SDL apps to javascript
– for making a voxel editor
– pattern matching on raster images in mathematica

Puzzlescript and NaNoGenMo hack

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

We haven’t posted in a while, but we’re still hacking!

Tonight was Jordan, Rob, Mark. Vinny has been joining us regularly too.

Recently we’ve been doodling, reading The Baffler, writing Puzzlescript, plotting for NaNoGenMo, making comparatr and incomparatr, playing at Nophest 2013 as Blanca Noche, writing a scripts for a communal streaming music server, resurrecting the Atlhack server.

We had a visitor, Kiril, who knows Atlhackers (Mark, Vinny, and Karthik) via David Stolarsky (because they went to UIUC together. Kiril writes code at Weather Channel, and previous collected behavioral data at Yerkes Primate Center.

hang out and chat hack!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Tuesday night!

Participants: Mark, Alex, Vinny

Topics discussed:
- languages and the future thereof
- North Sentinel Island
- business plans
- starting a bar called The Trading Floor, where prices on beer floats based on market forces. For extra credit, make it so that bar patrons can also sell beer, and you have to run around all furious, wearing a suit and shouting into a phone about how buying and selling should happen. There need to be futures on beer, and it needs to be possible to go short on it. Maybe somebody will ring a bell loudly.
- copyright and the future thereof (or lack of a future thereof)
- places and traveling to them
- funding for research
- getting stuff fabricated for hardware prototypes
- Atlanta startup situations
- souls and their relationships with mathematics
- Paraguay and its history
- Graham Keith Coleman
- the ATLHack IRC channel on freenode and how people on it don’t seem to be on the facebook community? is there a facebook community? I thought we had a googlegroup or something… but not a circle. Maybe there’s a circle? Maan, I don’t know. But I love all of you and I wish I got to see you more often and I kind of want to move back to Atlanta but atlhackers are worldwide now anyway <3

Packaging for Deployment Hack

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

New members, Omar and Emily:
– Omar works at Accelereyes with Chris McC (he’s a new hire)
– Does GPU programming
– Graduated Georgia State ’08
– worked at Inovalon, a nice place
– Tonight: Working on his .vimrc
– will upload to github
– Emily is just hanging out

– playing with maratis
– adding lua functions is easy
– their svn contains an iOS skeleton app
– has a scene editor, live reloading of lua scripts
– took an internet break this weekend, sketched out ideas for his game (in the “finger-racer” genre)

– packaging a Mac app (needs .dylib for OpenCV/Qt)
– Vinny wrote a blog post in the past about how to do this!
– app amplifies details at multiple levels using image pyramids (video demo)

– in his 4th year of the PhD program at Georgia Tech (his website)
– working on commercializing his multiple-browser-testing tool (in the TI:GER progam)

– (before atlhack) made a parametric model of the floor plan of a high rise tower (video of interaction)
– segmenting/fitting a (noisy) piecewise parabolic curve:

Small-steps-in-graphics-land hack

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

– looking at game engines (maratis)
– opengl + bullet physics + lua
– making things in blender

Rob + Jordan
– looking at gui stuff for vomit tennis
– goofed in actionscript
– TODO: physics shaping, adding net, adding sprites

– editing photos in Lightroom

– that heart surgery program
– cleaning up messy code, fixed a ui bug