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Hackfest 1000010 Postmortem

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

27 March 2007 – crazydar (on okcupid)

New person: Eric from MSCS Gatech
Has used Processing to access CV libraries.

Rory! – teaches drama writing at Gainesville State College.

Since Last Week-

Tejus- tried to work on Structural Fusion (work in IE) has router troubles, configuration of NAT.
Sonali- finding a new job, fulltime in software development.
Mark- wrote qaboom code for AJAX dropdowns. Drawing arrows in nodebox.
Read about superglue (chucklike language) and scala functional language (compatible with JVM) supports closures and union types, and pattern matching.  (not the musical tuning scala)
Superglue is a reactive programming language, like lucid (jet autopilot language)
Alex- designed a SWIMM experiment, writing the paper for mini-querty error correction.
Two revolutions- two class of typos being conflated into one.
Rapid keypresses in sequence, one must register first over a serial line.
class 1: insertion before, class 2: insertion after
will use difference between transition features, should help to disambiguating
has a new camera
Erik- fixing up his house. A tree fell on his cable line. saw Of Montreal in Athens.
They applied his patch to Rails- fixed a part of proxied associations.
Graham- they released a new chuck! with my Dynamics object. wrote a country song.
Puyan- musicPlot, the spatial music navigator is coming along nicely.
You plot your songs on a plane, then draw curves to make playlists.

This Week’s Plan-

Mark- Arrows, motion symbols, etc.
Alex- helping Zach debug his C++. Has code for typo stuff.
Erik- making another refinement of carpal. search engine optimization, shopping cart.
Graham- will do some chuck hacking for music.

Last Sonic Generator of the season was awesome. Matt Gilbert‘s (awesome IDT student) video for Vermont Counterpoint was amazing.

Hackfest 1000001 Postmortem

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

20 March 2007 – meat soup and meat sandwich (meatball and chicken salad)

Since Last Week-
Erik- working on Enterprise Resource Planning, keeping track of everything (in ruby)
 2500 lines of code, not even close to first prototype yet
 collecting 800 facts about each little sensor they manufacture
 his head would implode if not for rails
Mark- (last week was 11th week of 2007)
 his company travelling to some major city for biz dev
 object oriented relational type system – read lots of stuff on lambda the ultimate (soft typing systems)
 enough testing is equivalent to strong typing – "strong typing is just constant folding of type assertions" vs "some things not expressability in some languages" like in pi calculus (impossible to express a deadlock)
Drew- stumbled upon plotkit – javascript library for plotting
Graham- found a way to link to pages within a pdf document

along these lines, Erik clued us into Scribd, which aims to be "YouTube for Documents"

This Week-
Drew- working on NDA stuff. going to China next week
Erik- working on samplemygoods using rails webforums
Mark- drawing arrows with interesting properties in nodebox
Graham- on PS2 for my Comp. Music Analysis class

Erik- and will be live tonight!
Sonali- building content management for the quilt site
Tejus- tried to compile icecast on Mac-wrote a blog post on JUnit
Mark- swinging arcs in nodebox

"every website complex enough contains an ad hoc content management system" – Mark
variant of Greenspun’s Tenth Rule

Hackfest 1000000 Postmortem

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

13 March 2007 – new member Drew!

works at Gametap managing data services for saved games, scores, other important info.
does some cool python open source development.
wants to do more procedural graphics and sound. djs.

he recommends:
the GDC2007 lecture from Koji Kondo on interactive game scores
pyweek, compete to build a game in a week in python

Since Last Week-
Mark- worked on qaboom php code
Alex- handhelds have a discrete sampling period 16ms (typos)
submitted to a background check for work
Graham- built ChucKLib into Playmotion.
jammed with Mark and made a video.

This Week-
Emily- writing a paper on difference between Trent and Luther- good works vs. non-chosen salvation.
Mark- testing performance of python sequence functions, wanted to cheaply iterate over sketch points.
Alex- solve 2 keys at once
Graham- not much, documentation. need to do the MIR homework.

Hackfest 111111 Postmortem

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

6 March 2007 – record turnout

Jason, Will, Mark (qaboomers)
Sonali, Tejus (structural fusioners)
Alex, Erik, and Graham

Since Last Week-
qaboom formed a team of some five developers.
structural fusion worked on legal documents and incorporation.

This Week’s Plans-
Graham- will get some ChucK code ready for jamming.
Mark- jamming with Graham, refactoring geometric primitives
Sonali- taking it easy, reading Agile Web Development with Rails
Tejus- trying to use the ruby mp3 decoding library
Alex- solving the facebook raptor movie seating problem.
Jason and Will- redesigning qaboom, brightening the face, adding classes view
Erik- looking up blog by subdomain. targeted towards web users.

Alex- simulated annealing, implemented local scoring rules.
Graham and Mark- first jam with triangles

Hackfest 111110 Postmortem

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

27 Feb 2007 – return from pycon

Gavin is the dude serving coffee and tea tonight. was down because drupal was hosed.
(ps- was due to the missing user 0 bug:

Since Last Week-
Graham- got a UDP interface compiling in XPCOM.
-released chuck assignment for cs4950.
Mark- colo dudes say open-top server probably ok.
-has many stories from pycon, will transcribe.

new face-
Hamed Hashemi-
worked for Mark’s company, now works for Hakano, a Web2.0 consultancy startup.
they have a framework for quickly building web applications.
He also wrote, a website for Persian music.

Sonali- onto next project. working on the website (almost done).
starting a company with Tejus- building website with WordPress with company ideas.
A small contracting company with designers and programmers.
Structural Fusion- ruby on rails and free software- easy for small businesses to use.
Use case- T’s parents, have a small company of 3-4 people.
Websites should be easy to change and add products.
Documentation so non-CS users can administer- with AJAX tools and maintenance tools.

Tejus- worked a bit on ruby mp3 player.

Jason- qaboom LLC.
Met guys for partnership- license them the tech, have them market qaboom.
Went to visit them in Corona (Fender guitars).
Agreed to work for them verbally- was unsure about them- family expressed doubts.
Would not sign until he sees a lawyer.
Tony is trying to steal Jason’s code and domain.

advice from design of qaboom-
Record all information – ip views – can be used to debug, can be used creatively.

Will- not sure if he wants to work for Coke.

Plans for this Week-
Graham and Mark- try talking between chuck and python (nodebox) via OSC.
work on getting OSCkit compiled for XPCOM, then ported to mac.
Sonali- wordpress stuff.
Tejus- Design work and resume updating.

Tonight’s Reality-
Graham and Mark- got nodebox talking to chuck via OSC! synch music.
(have held jam sessions on Thursdays hereafter)

Senior Seminar / Final Quarter Final Chapter

Friday, March 16th, 2007

It’s not final until I have a diploma bearing the Terminator’s name, but I’m pretty sure I graduated.

Senior Seminar:
Finished my paper, and turned it in on Wednesday. I have no more to do for that class.

Real Analysis:
I need to study for my final on Tuesday, but it shouldn’t be a very difficult test.

Some more study is needed, but I will do fine.

I’m glad to be finishing.