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Hackfest 10010010

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

MATT TODD (new member)
– Knows Tejus from Startup Riot
– Works at Highgroove Studios (Rails folks)
– Working on Scout tonight

– Removing features from Choices Quilts
– At work, gets to add whatever features she deems necessary

– Fixing timezone issue in Skyblox
– Goes to a lot of meetings these days
– Shared Tyrus gossip
– Won the frontend technology battle at work

– Working on corkbird website: tans, browns, lemon yellow
– Writing processing code to warp shapes by sketching

– Playing with Ableton Live
– Looking at becoming a Computation Media major
– Following professional wrestlers on twitter

– Doing typo-detection, big refactoring
– Taking into account variable context
– Now can specify amount of future and past content to analyze

Hackfest 10010001

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

– working on javascript pdf reader
– has selection working (both block and in-sequence)
– is going to add behavior to allow exporting a selected bitmap from a pdf
– is hanging out
– email and facebooking after vacation
– doing mobile typo detection
– taking into account more timing information (than before)
– read about a system that does morphology for hebrew
– made progress on his corkbird TODO list
– yesterday, made a simple processing sketch for slicing video
– taught scheme class (for a bit) today
– talked about a (lexically-scope) interpreter her friend Paul made
– back from spring break in portland

Hackfest 10010000

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

alex (rae)
– wrote fft implementation of auto-correlation,
– because the scipy one was slow / popped-up graph window
– tweaking beat-tracking, gathering scripts

alex (rudnick) and mark forgot what they did,
probably just read blogs

Hackfest 10001111

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Alex Rae
– integrating c code into python
– debugging swig wrappers, success!
– thesis is due in a few weeks
– going to rewrite some matlab code that he translated into numpy

Alex (Rudnick):
– speeding up scala implementation of sudoku solver
– using arrays instead of lists for random access, solver is now noticeably quicker
– looking for a nice way to do profiling…

– working on Scheme compiler
– finished compilers assignment tonight, not due ’til Friday!

Hackfest 10001110

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

– had dinner with Dan and Will and talked about logic programming and stuff
– behind on everything, as usual
– probably gets to go to San Mateo at the end of the month for yet another conference for women computer scientists
– which is great and all, but would like, someday, to be invited to a conference for a reason other than being a girl

Alex (Rudnick)
– writing Scala for Sudoku

Alex (Rae)
– got his source separation code working, producing audio output
– surprised by some of the output
– reading a paper about the algorithm
– trying to figure out why it would generate what he heard