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Everybody Doing Their Thing Hack

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Octane is full tonight, we had to battle for a table.

New member: David Stolarsky
– grad student at GT, studying computer vision
– he and Mark worked on a project together
– went to Art&Code at CMU last weekend


– has a new job at Ecoscorecard
— located in Inman Park
— doing Ruby web dev
– playing Glitch
— made by the original Flickr folks
— has beautiful illustrations, and an API!
– working on testify
– “like Rack/WSGI for testing frameworks”
– for making all your continuous-integration/failure-notification/etc tools work with whatever wacky Ruby testing framework you’re using
– has an internship at the Georgia Department of Economic Development
— making photos, editing photos
– bought a CF card reader to replace a lost one
– photoshopping shots of Fernbank Museum
– preparing slides for a lecture
— for computer graphics class on Thursday (he’s the TA)
– creating a poster of silhouette cutouts
— from the shadowgram project
— wrangling imagemagick
– working on a (cooking) game that may use a two-handed input device to help elderly people retain their executive decision making skills
– showing off “My Horse”
— it’s like Tamagotchi + Farmville
– exploring procedural generated textures in Unity 3D

Also, I cleaned out the “subscribers” from the WordPress database just now, because it was mostly spam. If you’re an Atlhacker without an author account, let me (Mark) know and I’ll create an account for you.