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Hackfest 1010101 Mortem

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

28 August 2007 – table of four + three

flashbacks from mark and drew’s technical comm class

new person – Tyrus of "giant steps" fame
he is a designer, works for hakano / appcelerator
freelance projects, does a lot of painting, paints portraits
currently working on a digital download system for independent musicians

Ryan (Alex’s friend from Tallahasee) is here,
 moving to Toronto tomorrow morning, MS->PhD in medieval studies UToronto

Humza is also here, talking on the phone

Since Last Meeting-
Sonali- getting stuff ready to move into a house. going to London soon.
Tejus- data warehousing, creating a database with different time-slices.
Stuart- went to Las Vegas to visit father, worked on concept album for the "kids"
 worked on a new program, make robots that download public financial data to do stock market research. going to build it in Java, going to use sight, orig., for bioinformatics + SP500, then extract useful information.
 expects to have something in a month. going to call it stock monkey
Graham- met with Alex Rae, who will present my paper in Copenhagen
Drew- wants to build a templated chuck music on demand
 trying to implement a wire level language agnostic protocol for secure rpc
fixning problems in jsp scripts
Mark- hiked the appalachian trail, 140 miles. eight bears, blackberries and blueberries
 focus on water, alternation water filter, iodine, and boiled

Devin- is back from Boston and the YCombinator experience
 apparently met Stephen Wolfram, going ahead with his company
 seems to be excellent for generating absurd animations

Scott Driscoll- made his first sale on curiousinventor-
Alex- played with fluxus, may be hard to setup
 started messing with impromptu, stopped sending media events
 might work on one laptop per child, excited about it

This Week’s Plans-
Sonali- catching up on email from Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
Tejus- trying to keep smart phone sync’ed up with computer
 trying to use "the missing sync", an OSX utility
Stuart- working on "ready for the show"
 about how life sucks and we all are going to die, but you should enjoy the show
Graham- document known bugs in Mused, attempt to fix them
Mark- talk with people about music project, go running

addendum: we bought the server for atlhack-colo

Hackfest 1010100 Postmortem

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

21 August 2007 – billings talks about tries, datastructure for autocomplete

new member Hamza! from Google ops
also we discussed the differences between art, science, engineering

Since Last Week-
Mark- is off hiking the Appalachian trail with his brother
Alex- talking with little zach about data structures
 -catalogued differences between java 1.4 and 1.5 by diffing javadocs
Kelly- started classes at UGA, human sexuality, speculative fiction class
Erik- working on projects that collects server statistics, pipaya
 -talking with Gregg about a manufacturing resource planning for his lab
Gregg- is now a grad student. might have a boyfriend.
 -fillings orders for sensors in the lab, furnace maintenence, training new guy
Billings- made progress on his amp. designed a new bias provider,
 -tested in Spice, ordered transformer
Rob- work stuff, new songwriting
Stuart- did some new project! Alex will tell me about it
Graham- no progress on getting visa faster. started packing up. investigated rooms.
Hamza- working on model to judge effectiveness of machine health model

This Week-
Alex- trying to get fluxus set up again
Kelly- is reading Solaris, reading On the Road by Cormac McCarthy
Erik- working on pipaya
Gregg- putting out feelers for database system to track parts in the lab
Billings- reading stories from PG Wodehouse
Rob- writing tanooki zoo songs
Stuart- doing some exciting project
Graham- must get Mused ready for presentation at ICMC by XRae

Hackfest 1010011 Mortem

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

14 August 2007 – ridiculous visa

Since Last Week-
Mark- played around in nodebox, made dueling arrows
looked for houses in Decatur, found potential something
read a book about the founder of Patagonia – Let My People Go Surfing
they trace all of their products
played around with angles in nodebox
Alex- made a thing for the secret project
usability fix for the Google Web Toolkit
read rant ‘the kingdom of nouns’
reading Foundations of Security
Graham- completed papers for a student visa
Stuart- working hard to get results for a conference submission tonight
Robert- helped Paul prepare for laptop battle

This week’s plans-
Mark- going to make an openGL shapes thing in Haskell
Alex- going to make an animation in fluxus
Graham- going to make something interesting in supercollider
Stuart- going to double check the results for the submissions
Robert- researching equipment for the laptop battle finals

Bar Camp Atlanta

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Thanks to Mark, we have two page referrals from  This is cool because I didn’t know there *was* a BarCampAtlanta.  Since I’m out of state, I won’t be attending, but this is something that I want to see more of.  As one of the BarCamp comments states:

  Why is it that with the size of our technology and business communities, we can’t manage to have events like this happen?  [Jonathan Peterson]

Check out the link above – even if you don’t plan on attending, it is a list of like minded people in the Atlanta area.

Hackfest 1010010 Mortem

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

7 August 2007 – big group

Since Last Week-
Mark- got IOBluetooth package to load in GHCi, trying to get hsc3 to work
Bill- broke his amp, driver circuit failed after new tubes, may require redesign
 got a Magnatone amp, it has a frequency modulation (vibrato) circuit
 it also has a HUM1 and HUM2 – reversing between ground and liveline – a death switch
Rob- took a trip to Seattle. recorded a song cycle from the Northwest corner.
 have been working on video editing, working on rap tracks.
Stuart- recorded two songs with Rob, first successful measurement
 immersed in water with a certain concentration of chemical, sensors reported a gradient
 in liquids its much harder because the polymers are shifted around by the solution
Alex- went to Google, came back, have been digging in docs about unit testing and security
 wants to be invulnerable to cross-site scripting
Miriam- moved to Athens, it almost looked like a house, but there might be CO
 going to join Theory reading group – Dialogic Imagination by Bakhtin – the novel is often changing
Graham- gave a performance at Parkgrounds, wrote a song with Amanda

This Week’s Plans-
Rob- document the meeting with his camera, review recordings
Mark- trying to get IOBluetooth to work correctly in Haskell
Bill- reading Stumbling into Happiness, Daniel Gilbert
Stuart- hanging out and discussing music
Alex- going to be stylin’ his GWT app with a Hello World
Miriam- reading Bakhtin
Graham- going to work on ChucK music timing, prepare for performance tomorrow

Hackfest 1010001 Mortem

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

31 July 2007 – three atlhackers and a telegoogler

Since Last Time-
Mark- continued on quest to make a cabal package for Wiimote.
Porting Obj-C program that uses Mac IO-Bluetooth framework.
Read about arrows.
Graham- went to the UK. Picked figs. Signed first boob.
Performed first Spark! night at Parkgrounds, with a new wiimote piece.
Stuart- fabrication is finished for the month. Testing the chips that you made.
Reading about using information theory to construct optimal stock portfolio.
Dressed up as Mustapha Mond for a party, ended up Hand in Hand.

Alex called, doing well at Google in Mountain View. He’s meeting a poetry-bot dude there (Gnoetry).

Tonight’s Plan-
Mark- making a package for Wiimote.
Graham- try to delete n/a spam ghosts.
 -see if I can get Haskell-sc working on windows.

Mark helped Graham get haskell SC3 running. It’s working!