hang out and chat hack!

by alexr

Tuesday night!

Participants: Mark, Alex, Vinny

Topics discussed:
– languages and the future thereof
North Sentinel Island
– business plans
– starting a bar called The Trading Floor, where prices on beer floats based on market forces. For extra credit, make it so that bar patrons can also sell beer, and you have to run around all furious, wearing a suit and shouting into a phone about how buying and selling should happen. There need to be futures on beer, and it needs to be possible to go short on it. Maybe somebody will ring a bell loudly.
– copyright and the future thereof (or lack of a future thereof)
– places and traveling to them
– funding for research
– getting stuff fabricated for hardware prototypes
– Atlanta startup situations
souls and their relationships with mathematics
– Paraguay and its history
– Graham Keith Coleman
– the ATLHack IRC channel on freenode and how people on it don’t seem to be on the facebook community? is there a facebook community? I thought we had a googlegroup or something… but not a circle. Maybe there’s a circle? Maan, I don’t know. But I love all of you and I wish I got to see you more often and I kind of want to move back to Atlanta but atlhackers are worldwide now anyway <3

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  1. Graham says:

    nice updates. Greetings from BCN where I am running mosiacing software on computer clusters and preparing for Music Hack Day.

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