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Hackfest 100000 Mortem

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

27 April 2006

Vinny- Ruby on Rails
Erik- Studying for OCA cert and finals
Luke- Helped Graham do awstats, looked at python at antlr.
Graham- SWIMM stuff

This week:

Luke- connect guile to nethack via C
Vinny- MIDI in electropaint or more Rails
Erik- co-browsing with subwey
Graham- simple many channel rec in Audicle

atlHack stickers in Macon

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

If you happen to live in Middle Georgia and want an atlHack sticker, there are a few of them on the hand-outs table at the back of the Joshua Cup near downtown.

Hackfest 11111 Mortem

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

20 April 2006 – Happy Birthday Ginny and EK!

Since Last Week:

Researched Lisp MOOs and played with scsh-surflet.
Listening to CS61A at UC Berkeley – SICP, Video of Abelson and Sussman.

Subwey- control security circumvention for iframes.
Social bookmarking software sucks – once you give feedback it should disappear.

Relearning web service clients on win32.

This weeks plans:

Reading about Lisp reflection – Translucent Procedures, Abstraction w/o Opacity. Rozas ’93 (MIT)

Subwey- working on algorithm for efficiently traversing DOM tree.

Simple web client.

This week’s reality:

Nobody on #scheme knows about scheme reflection. Reading and writing closure might break Rees security model. You could bypass any code that protected variables in the closure.

Fixed a crapton of bugs. Started with the DOM traversal algorithm.

Tried using the Sam Ruby Atom client, but something’s wrong with auth.

new environs

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

the hapax legomenon of the week is "turquila".  this is a drink i made up: a blend of wild turkey 101 and patron silver.

i find myself in a strange place, surrounded by walls and distraught with idle dreams and carrots.  there, on the wall, was a picture of a burger.  the zero remains steady.  the pulley in its rarefied forms.

i’m working as a contractor developing code in scheme.  the sicp rests proudly on the new desk.  i’ve got a laptop!  and my friends are all here now:

 – mr. lobster, who has recovered excellently from the loss of a primary limb.
 – the warbling parrot-head, which always speaks the truth when i’m down.
 – the four blind mice of the rubbery apocalypse
 – mr. hermit crab, type SR 128 – 001X.

and new friends, too:

 – mr. turtle, who can stretch like the fabric of space-time.  he will make for good stress relief.
 – and last but not least, the smoking orange bunny with the k on its forehead.  when i see the smoking orange bunny with the k on its forehead, i know exactly what to do.

they help make the hours go by as i get ready to bumble through a magical journey of lambda inspired refactorings and dodge industry buzzwords with 18 month lifespans.

if you haven’t seen it on the radio, you’re not thinking hard enough!

Atlhack Prehistory

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

Not sure if these were the first formal meetings, but there were a few summer meetings at Graham’s house.

Friday 18 Mar 2005 (vinny’s notes)
–  Last hackday
     –  Graham
         –  Basic direct sound functionality – loading, playing
         –  Loaded MP3’s and played them
     –  Vinny
         –  Managed to do nothing.
         –  BEEP has no complete implementation in .Net
         –  I’ve decided to use Java
         –  I want to make a prodcedural game
–  Today’s Plans
     –  Graham
         –  basic decoding in Bass
     –  Vinny
         –  Finally make a BEEP app, in Java this time
             –  Do it in eclilpse
         –  Brainstorm game ideas
–  Today’s Reality
     –  Graham
         –  Managed to decode a whole MP3 and rewrite to raw PCM, load in editor
             –  Works grrrrrreat!
         –  No FFT analysis yet
     –  Vinny
         –  Configured eclipse
             –  learned about the workspace, and projects
             –  played with the visual editor for 2 seconds, before
                   it crashed
         –  created a project called BeepMe, for chatting
             –  imported beepcore Jars
         –  Pirated a beep sample code to do something
             –  runs a server – does the slowest ping ever.
–  General Ideas
     –  We’re going to take hackday notes
     –  we want our server!
         –  running social networking goodies
         –  be a place to leave notes, code
         –  we need a domain… looking for ideas.  hackatl?
Friday, 20 May 2005
–  Since Last Hackday
    –  Graham
    –  Vinny
        –  Gotten bounce to work
            –  Currently bouncing on 3d needs 2d sqare
            –  ODE works great
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Graham
        –  Auditory Masking
        –  GUI – plugging segmentation algo w/ sequence editing
    –  Stephen
        –  Has a prime number generator in "Processing" (java subset)
            –  speed optimization and graphic scaling – run forever
    –  Joel
        –  Max/MSP
            –  Patch takes the difference of sequential notes
                –  attempting a call and response behavior
            –  Integrating two keyboards and creating harmony
            –  "Well tempered scale, here I come!"
            –  Creating a continuous (vs discrete) music theory
    –  Grant
        –  The return of spoon tease!
            –  A procedural world, a la the demo scene
            –  the end result – a Primer (Stephenson) or game (Scott
            –  Joel says: "Schrödinger’s spoon"
    –  Vinny
        –  Hacking MIDI into windowed electropaint
–  Today’s Reality
    –  Listened to 4 WHOLE EPISODES of Coverville.  It r0x0rs.  So
          does Rodeohead
    –  Graham
        –  Did a little temporal masking
        –  No success with acoustic / instantaneous masking
    –  Stephen
        –  It scrolls!
        –  and runs! continuously!
    –  Grant
        –  Laptop isn’t dealing with opengl, fell back on 2d spoon
              tease generation
    –  Vinny
        –  Struggled to get electrpaint in a widnow, no success yet
        –  Didn’t touch MIDI
    –  Joel
        –  Got inconstant results from Max/MSP
        –  Learned oodles of Max shortcuts

Friday, 8 July 2005 is up in a rudimentry fashion.  I’m waiting on a public IP
from my ISP for a full rollout, but I have a stub page up.  Send me a
link and a picture if you want to be added to it, or if you want me to
change what I have up there.

– Vinny

Hackfest 11110 Mortem

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

13 April 2006 – "many new people"

since last week + everything else:

isiah (new)
-grad studying business intelligence at GSU
-has worked for equifax writing assembly score code
-works and has worked on several data mining projects

robert! (new) –
-from the weather channel
-automated timestamp date verification using scripted gOCR
-wants a job in network security – email him at
-likes reason and tracker software

john (new)
-major work projects:
-decoding fighter pilot network messages to human readable format (at GTRI)
-using PlaceLab + wifi for location on portables
-cellphone based location schedule learning w/ Jeremy
-working for Windows Mobile this summer
-side projects he’ll send to me by email

emily (new)
-email and myspace at octane
-going to study divinity at Candler theology school
-wants an even mix of spirituality and behavioral techniques in counseling
-reading, softball, art & music appreciation, blogging

-groovy scripts to sox convert and tag mp3s
-registered for classes
-introduced Vinny to Milhouse, the AquaMOOSE poetry bot
(he has written two poetry robots!)

-google "luke is retarded"
-worked on caching style – assume static unless it needs to be dynamic
-eclipse-rhino – evaluation goes to standard console, and added a JS alert

vinny (on his 2nd startup)
-got rails dev environment running
-implemented a custom attribute accessor
-started writing a document on why you should learn lisp + how to do it at work
-reading A Security Kernel Based on Lambda Calculus – Rees ’96

-reworking my workhorse arpeggiation code
-SWIMM debugging arrrgh
-waiting for details of potential future employer

-wp_thin – a minimal AJAX-safe wordpress renderer
-subwey – wrote a guided websurfing client

Hackfest 11101 Postmortem

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

6 April 2006, Tonight was low-key:

Graham gave his presentation on ChucK for Music tonight at dorkbot-atlanta. He also worked on a ChucK music tutorial which he neglected to mention at the talk, but is linked to from his chuck-notes page.

Copresenters: Philip Galanter spoke about generative art, as in "Complexity is in between structure and randomness." Boryana Rossa talked about Robot Revolutions, the social dynamics necessary for robots to be truly intelligent and free.

Vinny recorded the talk, which will be up in some form soon. He has been working on ultra secret startup stuff. And cannot disclose it. But someday he will be your boss.

We had the pleasure of talking with Amanda, a neurochemist writing a musical about stem-cell ethics and zombies, and Justin, a CS theoretician making swift progress on fast-mixing markov chain volume approximations. He also wrote a nethack variant at some point.