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Hackfest 10000010

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Dez: (new member)
– Rails programmer
– started as a designer
– working on a Basecamp-like app
– wants something bigger than the default Rails scaffolding
– – but smaller than ActiveScaffold
– talking with Ashok and Erik about hosting providers
– working on BigNum class in java
– talking with Alex about two’s complement
– figuring out how to draw transparent rectangles in swing
– – using that knowledge for the speed reader
– looking at Logo
– – it’s an acceptable LISP
– – wrote a scheme version of this logo program
– went to OSCON
– learning Haskell
– went to OSCON
– packed all her stuff
– – leaving Thursday from Portland to Indiana
– might be learning Haskell
– memorization app
– reading hitchiker’s guide
– trying to run call of duty in wine, didn’t work for him
– had a dream about fonts and OCR
– – next project will be about OCR for entering medical forms
– working on geomerative
– – fixed a bug this weekend (that he had created)
– needs to get the courage to write the meshing code
– made bagels from Yuna’s recipe
– adding RSpec’s for his work project
– talking about migrations, his model-based permission system

Hackfest 10000001

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

– posting a new rails plugin
– – acts_as_referenced
– trying to make the jaxer/appcelerator thing work
– working on the new blog

Hackfest 10000000

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

– icfp 08
– – alex,lindsey
– – – hacked in scheme, upstairs at monroe dr
– – – learned how to do sockets in scheme
– – – lindsey got lots of traffic to her blog due to icfp mailing-list posts
– – –
– – erik, mark, martin
– – – hacked in python, used mercurial, at the kitchen table on monroe dr
– – – wrote PID and lots of geometry, used twisted
– – – mercurial was a disaster, in part due to us trying to push to a shared repository (with an ssh url)
– datamining class continues
– going to oscon next week
– did inheritance in scheme for the first time (during icfp)
– going to oscon next week
– played with sketchup, going to plan his room in 3d
– configuring vim
– redesigning his blog, going minimalist
– restyling his blog

Hackfest 1111111

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

– new choices quilt beta, testing
– wrote a plugin
– rode his bike to octane
– fixing skyblox/yahoo-maps/loading-order
– helping tejus with skyblox/yahoo-maps/loading-order
– contributed to geomerative
– created a patch that allows pyd/celerid to run on os x
– hanging out in atlanta
– seven problems away from finishing chapter one of sicp
– created a programming challenge
– looking into scheme
– srfi, a bigger standard library (some from olin shivers)
– gave a talk to children at gatech
– discovered ‘disassemble’ command in lisp
– did lindsey’s challenge, in python and scheme
– excited about freenet, anonymous + distributed storage networks
– providing html + dreamweaver help to alice

Hackfest 1111110

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

we were here, but we failed to record what we did, sorry

Hackfest 1111101

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

– 3 work days left (!) before summer vacation
– – down to 2 things (!) on The Todo List That Refused To Die
– signed lease (!) on an apartment in Bloomington!
– will probably be chipping away at SICP for all eternity
– doing a little bit of homework from, learning R
– R is pretty cool.
– been reading about data mining, for that same class
– working on the OLPC, tried to get Ubuntu going with fairly
complicated instructions
– got Debian going with “olpc-update debian-big”. May install Edubuntu
with similar command.
– going to Switzerland soon
– working in the cleanroom
– – (we watched him from )
– apartment finder
– – automatically deleting listings
– – the bay area is full of scams
– – where houses for sale are posted as cheap rentals
– published Appcelerator Routes
– writing rails plugins