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Logical Bitops on Coffee and Beer Hack (NAND)

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Chris M.
– optimizing his OpenCL optical flow code (TV-L1)
– multigrid, based on matlab reference implementation
– got an 1-2 extra frames-per-second!
– needs to study for job interview next week
David S.
– making a video about his computer vision class projects (“learning portfolio”)
– “seen the promised-land, been to the mountain-top”
Mark L.
– implementing edmonds-karp graphcut method (to study for final)
– writing in python, maybe halfway done
Karthik R.
– reading about water special effects in Cinefex magazine
– working on SIGGRAPH demo ideas (on paper)

hacking in Bloomington!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Alex R:
– finishing up writeup for a project on Deniable Encryption
— crypto is really fun.
Lindsey K:
– helping her advisor write a grant proposal, for mad type-theory cash
— (they’re going to prove that certain classes of parallel languages run deterministically, with certain kinds of write-once datastructures)

Look to the Frozen North for cool side-project hacks as soon as we’re done with classes for good…

Rainy Last-Week-of-School Hack

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Talking about Kinect, avant garde projection mapping, semester is winding down.

Chris McClanahan
– showing us his viewercv app (on the android store)
– brainstorming microsoft kinect startup accelerator
– porting an old processing sketch to android
– preparing a paper submission to “Fundamentals of Digital Games”
– banded cholesky can be done in linear time as long as the bands are equally spaced from the diagonal!