Packaging for Deployment Hack

by Mark Luffel

New members, Omar and Emily:
– Omar works at Accelereyes with Chris McC (he’s a new hire)
– Does GPU programming
– Graduated Georgia State ’08
– worked at Inovalon, a nice place
– Tonight: Working on his .vimrc
– will upload to github
– Emily is just hanging out

– playing with maratis
– adding lua functions is easy
– their svn contains an iOS skeleton app
– has a scene editor, live reloading of lua scripts
– took an internet break this weekend, sketched out ideas for his game (in the “finger-racer” genre)

– packaging a Mac app (needs .dylib for OpenCV/Qt)
– Vinny wrote a blog post in the past about how to do this!
– app amplifies details at multiple levels using image pyramids (video demo)

– in his 4th year of the PhD program at Georgia Tech (his website)
– working on commercializing his multiple-browser-testing tool (in the TI:GER progam)

– (before atlhack) made a parametric model of the floor plan of a high rise tower (video of interaction)
– segmenting/fitting a (noisy) piecewise parabolic curve:

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  1. Graham says:

    nice curves!

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