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Hackfest 1001010 Postmortem

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

29 May 2007 – everybody was sad in middle school

Mark is listening to Amadou et Miriam – the blind couple from Mali
mesons – groups of two quarks, baryons – groups of three
flavors – up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm

Since Last Time-
Erik- company didn’t go public. will implement memcache. amazon ec2 – virtual hosting API.
Alex- getting ready for summer camp.
 -learned Scratch– it’s obvious, least astonishment, can make complex animations.
 -doesn’t give you structured procedures as in logo.
Graham- added ChucK export to Mused.
Jason- qaboom may be bought by inquus.
Will- knees undergoing cellular reconstruction. helped build a pergola.
 -read The Long Tail, would recommend it for a quick read.
 -Why Google is important, Amazon vs B&N, etc.
Mark- made triangle grids with the wrong irrational numbers.

Will- going to write Excel sheet for aiding irrigation system design. reading Brief History of Time.
Erik- finishing his coffee and going home.
Graham- will add a configurable range filter for loudness. ask UI advice.
Jason- is giving a demo tomorrow, will work on his codebase.
Mark- will fix his triangle grids of different sizes.
Alex- package up last release of JES. bug free trademark.

special cases of bipartite matching

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

programming new variants on bipartite matching at work.  fun stuff.  film at 11.

Hackfest 1001001 Postmortem

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

19 May 2007 – atlhack special edition

Since Last Meeting-
Grant- has been working on 4-D cities.
Vinny- hacking python scripts for user interface of navigation system.
Mark- hacked into nodebox and added some callbacks.
Alex- hacked Twidor to collect data for study.
Graham- wrote a new chuck piece.
Zack- finishing school in a week! going to GHP for math
Sonali- got a job with Sita! (and a laptop?)

Today’s progress-
Graham- added timing stats for queries. adding labels for axes.

other interesting people who showed up:
Alex Grey- computing psuedo potentials for particles.
Matt Gilbert- will be putting up videos of Sonic Generator soon!
Jessica Sherwood- planning the future of Atlanta new music!
Zach’s dad!
John Croft IV – database development guru

Hackfest 1001000 Postmortem

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

16 May 2007 – short early meeting

Graham had to come early because of a show in East Atlanta with Rob.
(not sure who may have shown up later)

The Updates:
Mark- writing matlab code for cellular automata with Will.
 We discussed optimizing matlab code- perhaps the best gains can be had by preallocating arrays, and by eliminating loops- vectorizing them- by turning them into computations over vectors and matrices. There is a good collection of resources here.
Mark also made an animated visualization of the elementary CA zoo here:
Besides that, he sent me lots of links on DBM datastructures like B-trees and R-trees.

Graham- got Mused to support zooming.

Post updates if you get a chance!

Hackfest 1000111 Mortem

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

8 May 2007 – well-oiled servers

New member: Joe!
he is a cofounder of We The Citizens.
Niche Technology with Paul Royal- online convention registration software.
(Mitch Halpin, Gallagher Prior, tech CS peeps)

Since Last Week:
Mark- hung out at some awesome parties. Tina’s chicken party, Puyan’s graduation party.
Alex- started work on a journal article for mini-querty!
Will- in charge of designing fluid pumping system.
Graham- submitted first computer music paper on Mused!

Mark- japanese notecards for adjectives.
Alex- working on an improved google widget todo list!
Will- is reading A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.
Joe- perhaps will drink a few beers.
Graham- gonna try the new audicle, make a screencast. learning LiSa!

Martin’s poetry-bot sent us a poem: "gunwales"

all those times

i’m suddenly in motion through
the back carefully, drain,
add cream and worn gunwales, the wrong windows

you will come closer. this is
your story; you have learned these words
than you the pocked road
to yourself out to her.
some form of backed-up drains, too

Hackfest 1000110 Mortem

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

01 May 2007 – atlhack, your connection machine

met AJ, grading papers – grading papers for intro to MBA at UPhoenix. "Born to Party" t-shirts

Sonali means like Gold! Tejus means bright like the sun!
Graham’s name means "gravel area" or "grey homestead".
Mark means a dot on a plot or visualization. Will means great protector.

Since Last Week-
Will- job search stuff, met with Coke people. debugged BASIC for running beverage dispenser, with a Y2K bug, doesn’t deal with the midnight wrap. now it uses millisec since 1901.
-finished with reading Jason’s entrepreneuring books.
Mark- made bricks in nodebox. wants to make cornered bricks.
-doing visualization for high dimensional dataset.
-was chased by a Jeep and slammed his finger in a door.
-met Jay Jackson, a Qaboomer, starting
Tejus and Sonali- got highlights in their hair.
Graham- got dynamic queries working on the max pitch class profile.

Mark likes Mira Nair imdb wp documentaries and dramas, movies about Bombay street kids.

-loves Mark Guzdial’s blog on CS education- GOTO considered useful for learning.
John Maeda – artist at media lab – advisor to Processing. He used to write programs without loops.
Functional languages do not perhaps support the tracing-through metaphor of languages.

Will- is reading the Connection Machine, after having a parallel processing discussion with Mark.
Mark- working on building walls and brick houses.
Tejus- wants to learn how to use Rake (ruby build tool) more effectively.
Sonali- Mark will help Sonali prepare for an interview which requires three years of javascript.
Graham- finishing up his first draft of the paper.
Emily- is really busy and doing finals.