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Hackfest 1100111

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

        contract with blueheat,
        their development process is scary,
        wrote python code to solve a scheduling problem
        showing off gwt google code wiki, now non-secret,
        is going to Portland this weekend
        refactored Mused such that it should be easier to add new features
        (not software features, but audo features),
        wants to submit a paper to ICMC, needs a good idea
    Erik:, looking at php weather,
        has converted to distributed version control!! (git)
        used craigslist to find housemates, all were human,
        writing haskell to play slitherlink
        maintaining choices quilts code,
        JDBC, System.out.println
        doing the home-owner’s association thing,
        trying to avoid becoming corrupt
        ga state is ok,
        first day was rough, trouble getting back home,
        no marta money, phone dead, had erik’s keys

bcnhack 1

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

2 Oct 2007 – more bcn solo-hacking

Since Last Week:
-worked on Chuck sharing website, got demo running

This Week:
-building a running prototype, got db connection, need to add file upload

bcnhack 0

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

25 Sept 2007 – bcn alone

Since Last Week-
Graham- moved to Spain
 -got ChucKEx demo (GWT) working on computer

This Week’s Plans-
 -connect it with a database

Hackfest 1001111 Postmortem

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

since last time
– has two reference frames in his head
– Tech’s east campus is up, Decatur is very up
– as he zooms out, Peachtree starts to go up
– put references to Real-Ultimate-Power into the Wikipedia article about the spirit of jujitsu

– is going to move into a place off of Howell Mill
– is going to install ceiling fans there
– read about a company that was trying to draw maps in the way that humans draw maps for other humans
– now has keys to three buildings on Tech campus
– high-preformance ceramics: ceramics are non-metallic, non-polymeric, non-composite material
– aluminum is a ceramic because its atoms are covalently bonded with oxygen
– went to a computer camp at Oglethorpe in the era when Mike Tyson bit that guy’s ear off

– is back from New York
– is about to move to Athen
– ran the newspaper at Oglethorpe for two years
– is registering for classes

– has started moving his Processing projects into IntelliJ
– finished the Parsec parser
– made his first typeclass (to unify the AST nodes of the statemachine problem)

– worked
– jammed out with Rob on Sunday ("Mr Spanky Surprise")
– jammed out with Graham ("Johny J’s Got A New Pair A’ Shoes")
– both "too out-there" to incorporate into the Shithouse Kids style

Stuart and Greg are discussing materials
Miriam is helping Alex edit the Wikipedia article on Hinche
Mark is reading about the IO Monad in Haskell, and writing code for
"Can we share a linguistics Master’s?" -Alex to Miriam

Hackfest 111100 Postmortem

Monday, February 19th, 2007

13 February 2007 – 5 on 5

Tonight’s plans:

Tejus is making a web streaming mp3 program for Rails.
Sonali is learning Rails and updating an ecommerce site in Rails for her family, Choices Quilts.
Gregg Van Laningham will sketch a decorative stained-glass birdhouse with 4 removable sections for each of the four Seasons.
Mark is installing Django and postgres and svn. Will work on XPCOM UDP.
Alex is learning about Continuation Passing Style– a way to pass control around in functional languages. Also need to fix graphics bug on Mac version of JES, maybe in Mac Java 1.5. Graphics Context turns black when you use Graphics2D functions.
Graham is going to work on the embedded chuck, specifically calling it from a DLL.
Cali Mike is working on Real Analysis homework
– Six problems relating to the topology of the real line, open and closed sets etc.

books discussed:
Golden Notebook – five threads of dimensions of a personality – Mark mentions it.
Everything is Illuminated – Jonathan Safran Foer – contains three separate narratives that intertwine.

We discussed Scrum, Promises, and COMEFROM.

Hackfest 111010 Postmortem

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

30 Jan 2007 – post sonic generator

We met Jeremy, completing his PhD thesis in computational chemistry.
Mark, Graham, Alex, Martin, and Lauryn went to Sonic Generator II.
The comic book improvisational piece delighted us all.

Alex- thinking about typo detection- will hack up Google maps.
  Tried to speak to a girl who looks like Jenn but is not Jenn.
  Zach not coming, its too late.

Mark- getting a new copy of IntelliJ (closed source Eclipse). TextMate instead.
  Going to implement Paolo Soleri in js livecoding environment.

Graham- turning in first MIR assignment on classifying tabla strokes.
  investigating embedding chuck into openGL program.

Hackfest 111000 Mortem

Friday, January 19th, 2007

18 Jan 2007 – octane x mstreet

Tonight, Alex and I met at Octane. DJs were funky, not too loud, louder.
Mark called us up to his place at MStreet, college people and Jason were there.

What we worked on:
Alex- Proposed a problem as a potential GMaps hack (more below).
Graham- Adding VM status functionality to ChucK firefox plugin (XPCOM).
Mark- Porting OpenSoundControl to Mozilla via XPCOM.
Jason- Adding new features to his Q&A site startup, Qaboom. (smileys in chat, etc)

Alan Turing, Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and n-3 other computer scientists are in a running club. They need an application to determine the most fair meeting point (similar to the centroid for street distance), so that they all run an equitable amount to reach the meeting place. Alan is a stronger runner than Charles, so we can expect him to be able to run farther by some scalar, like 2. Our algorithm should take this into account.

Both Mark and Graham were having binary build problems with XPCOM. First, we both had an issue with xpcom_Glue. G solved it only linking xpcomglue_s.lib (instead of that and xpcomglue.lib) into his binary. M solved it by building his project with more recent Makefile as a starting point. Sometimes one wishes the C++ compiler could be a little less literal.

XPCOM is in general a neat toolkit for making cross-platform software, it is not without its pitfalls. Several great resources are informative but contain out of date elements (book, component tutorial) with nods to the changes only in web accessible mailing lists. Since this is open source, some of the burden falls on us to update the materials. (Maybe M and I can do that after we finish our components.)

An application or applet has many components end-to-end, in different languages and systems. Possibly you will have binaries in C++  XPCOM, scripts in javascript, chrome configuration in RDF, and UI specification in XUL. Starting a project and debugging is therefore an extra-long chain of getting little things wrong until you start getting them right, and tutorials are long and laborious. On the other hand, splitting the effort between subsystems seems more flexible. It would feel wrong to put the config or UI stuff in procedural code, or the scripting stuff in binary. Startup time vs. flexibility, probably a reasonable tradeoff.

atlHack Meeting Spot in CNN/Money

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

Octane Coffee, atlHack’s weekly meetup spot, is mentioned on CNN’s website as a spot for startups to woo investors.  atlHack has never had any formal association with Octane, but its been a consistently good place (which has never thrown us out :-D) to meet up and talk about trendy tech.

Atlanta Startup Links

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

I’m currently busy in Colorado, but I haven’t forgotten about the ATL.  I just found some new Atlanta startup oriented resources:

This brings up something which has been eating at my brain for a while now… why is Georgia Tech not more involved in startups?  Is it a lack of faith in their people?  Are they not aware of the possibilities?  Have there been a lot of failures in the past?  Maybe its the lack of substantial venture capital in the southeast.  Even from Colorado, I can see that Atlanta is more up-and-coming than most people realize… its time for Tech to get involved.

kinder and gentler CS (on my ass)

Friday, May 5th, 2006

is the HCI-blue padding on the picnic benches in the CoC common area.