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Hackfest 101000 Mortem

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

22 June 2006 – embroidery social night

Since Last Week:
Vinny -work for his 3rd startup.
Luke -shorted out his MythTV system, then fixed it.
Alex -teaching high school teachers to teach CS.
Martin -needs to work on ChucK networking!
Kate -passed her physics test!
Emily -she has a class schedule and a parking space.

This week:
Graham -basic pitch following synth in SC.
Peter and Mia came to visit!
Met Will Fisher, who does Psych-out show at WREK!

Hackfest 100111 Postmortem

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

15 June 2006 – fluidtoons!

This week:
Mostly uncaffienated drinks with Alex, Graham, Kate.
Attended the ATL film fest showing of Brett’s fluidtoons + R. Thomas!
Plans were made for an upcoming accordion attack!

Since last week:
Graham + ChucK rocked the laptop battle (got into finals).

Hackfest 100110 Mortem

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

8 June 2006 – atlhack for the lonely

Since Last Week:
Luke- wrote a wiki parser in antlr.
Vinny- wrote a parser for set description grammer in Java using javacc.
Graham- preparing to do SWIMM user study.

This week:
Vinny- hacked Electropaint to accept OSC.
Luke- ate the sandwich cookie of oblivion.
Graham- worked on laptop battle music.

insanity and inanity, or will they ever learn?

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

note carefully i mentioned nothing of this by name for obvious reasons.  if you’re interested, drop me a line and i’ll indulge you.

i code in scheme.  it’s not real scheme.  it’s some guy’s idea of what scheme should be.  he redefined the syntax.  it gets interpreted through mzscheme embedded in a c program.  well, it’s not a exactly a c program.  it becomes a c program.  the original software was written in a language he invented.  more like a preprocessor for c.  it was his idea of what c++ should be.

where i work now, we have a guy that calls himself the gatekeeper.  that’s right, zuul.  his job is not to guard gozer, but to basically preform the role of a piece of software you might have heard of somewhere called cvs (and its replacement, subversion).  man is smarter than the machine, right?  especially at merging different versions of scheme code.  especially when you don’t know scheme.  it makes you more careful because you don’t know what you’re doing – you do it right because you incorporate the changes just as they appear.

in fact, i lied.  he’s not where i work.  he’s in a different company.  through some bizarre legalese, this company possesses the QA and the production server, and will not allow us to have write access into that machine.

why we don’t have write access to the source directories of the product that our company is using is beyond me.  initially, this was because we both used the same product and the same source.  now, they have their own version and we have ours.  but they still control that server.

you would think we could buy a server and put our version on there.  considering the cost of having a server versus the cost of fixing scheme code that somehow manages to get mauled everytime it goes by zuul, you would think this issue would have been cleared up quickly.

it’s been going on for four years.

guys, we’re just janitors.  we know everything that goes on, what’s wrong in the world, but all we do is mop up shit after hours.

the life of a programmer.  keep your head up and don’t smell.

Hackfest 100101 Mortem

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

1 June 2006 – the longest dance marathon lasted a half-year

Since Last Week:
Andrew- is going to be an RA at GHP.
  went photographing in Atlantic Station, Midtown, Five Points.
Erik- interviewed for a job.
Graham- started reading dissertation on learning musical meaning.
Alex- got ready for CampICE. learning wxPython for paper organizer.
Vinny- was bludgeoned mercilessly by asdf-install.
  blogged-nostalgic about his childhood.

Alex and Graham- SWIMM (ijcai or bust).
Vinny- getting clsql up and working for OpenMcl (asdf sucks).
Andrew- trying to come up with a "World Records" theme for his hall.
Erik- left.

Hackfest 100100 Postmortem

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

25 May 2006 – hacker social

Luke- wrote an application to annotate sync points in DVD movies.
  currently reading Valis – PKDs "pink light" theory.
Alex- learning wxPython so he can make his paper organizer.
Martin- working for a CMS company in Buckhead.
  FileIO in ChucK is done, need to finish networking.
Vinny- published sql code for different airline codes.
Erik- finding a way to simplify dynamic queries for homefinders.
Andrew- here for the enlightened discourse.
Graham- SWIMM and checking out of Mac clients.