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New Years Eve Eve Hack

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

30 Dec 2014 – Octane


Since Last Time-

Stuart – spent a lot of time reviewing papers, lots of very incremental research that should be tech report.

Vinny – trying to understand protocol buffers, a bin serialization format pop by Google (and in Common Lisp)

Mark – worked on NodeGraph editor, looked at Mohlenkamp (sum of separable function decom)

Jordan – made Rollerderby team, learning Ember – framework for JS frontends – angular- one big request and lots of little API updates, still in flux.

Rob – built an Arduino thing with a knob – Metropolis scene where the human responds to the clock, digital counter to count number of times. always something else to respond to. learned soldering and Arduino.

Xana – new!, learning pastry chef, have done puppet shows, and crafts and arch knowledge

Diana – sold a scarf, had the flu, learned how to knit.

Graham – finished subjective mosaicing audio experiment, did lots of plots of the data.

Plan this Time-

Xana – working on script for show that will debut in April (Lina und die Sperlinge).

Mark – play in Mathematica with function approximation. sketched curves that he drew will be approximated.

Vinny – gonna serialize and find a schema for image data and image data requests.

Jordan and Rob – draw dogs Tuesday with Paper (mac). Brian Lee makes comics proclaimed it.

Graham – trying brutal optimization on score building process. when making score, consider only local neighborhoods of parameters, when making new tracks, try a sampled subset of source positions.
mark suggests progressive rendering (first patches of pixels, then images)

Stuart – matlab issues, how to code pitch-synchronous overlap and add.

Diana – working on website and social media

What happened-

Mark – didn’t get func approx., has a transformation, add a wiggle to it. copying velocity and rotating velocity by a sine curve

Stuart – listened to music and reviewed Hamiltonian mechanics – why? entropy is fascinating and mechanics answers it.

Jordan and Rob – fashion dog is one of 8 dogs (4 each), will send fashion dog

fashion dog

fashion dog

Diana – changed the design of website, erased text, tweeted about Splinter and vegan taxidermy

Xana – added two written songs to the script, wrote 4 scene descriptions, organized the script by color

Graham – introduced stubs for computing a square subset of correlations.

Vinny – figured how to do union types to have one message for (update/data). protocol buffers don’t really have official union type, just optional fields. have to enforce that only one thing is set (or new feature: only one)