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Hackfest 1101001

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Rainyday, both Martin and Alex biked

– cairo for python, but realized it’s not a good idea,
– wants bezier curves in pyglet,
– blueheat contract due friday,
– reading about serialization and javabeans
– reading about arc,
– asking dumb questions about dynamically typed haskells on freenode
– working weird bug in internet explorer,
– but then realized it’s the same bug,
– has emacs modes for R (the statistical language) and Octave
– rebuilt her desktop machine (lightning)
– reading hofstadter,
Рgot excited about g̦del numbers, which Alex is meta-excited about
– played with arc,
– very likely that he’ll be in california in 3 weeks,
– may work for xobni for a month (“they’re hot shit, it’s social networking for your boss”
– making paypal and ebay accounts
– sent email to adviser about resuming GA Tech education,
– sometimes trims his beard (mark doesn’t),
– may dye it white and pretend to be old
– drinking tea,
– nothing extrordinary this week

Hackfest 1101000

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

talked with Stefan about his font on the wall

nanobot silliness:
 – "have you been up to nanobottery?" -mr
 – subatomic nanobots: "they’re mostly made out of math" -ar
 – "i assume they take micropayments" -ar

discussion of gender, dialects between speakers, prisons
 – "nature deplores a vacuum … of dichotomies" -ar
 – apparently there are different dialects for conversations between genders (4 total)

predictions about P = NP
 – "by 2010 we’ll have made P = NP" -mr
 – "with Moore’s law, P will equal, I mean, for all practical purposes, will equal NP" -ar

Alex and Lindsey in Portland
 – went to Powell’s
 – went running 10 miles, and 6 miles, and went to the gym
 – biked all over Portland

– – – – Local Attendees: Martin, Mark, Erik, Alex
– – – – Remote Attendees: Graham, Lindsey, Zach G

Martin is reading about suffix trees.
Mark is thinking about Haskell, writing Javascript to translate between languages.
Erik had a job interview in San Francisco, was offered a job, is considering this weighty decision.
Alex is reading about linear algebra.
Lindsey rebuilt desktop machine with Alex’s help; installed Ubuntu, went to Code n’ Splode.
Zach G made a very fast BigNum implementation in Java.

and Graham reports, from Barcelona:

today saw a demo from Yu Nishibori of the Tenori-On. (Yamaha gave the MTG
one from meetings last week), and Yu was in town he played for us. My
impression is that it is a beat-based grid sequencer, but in that
context fairly flexible and fun.

Tonight, at the França library working on Mused. Still no idea yet,
but moving swiftly on refactors that should reduce the amount of code
maintanence for adding features, widgets, etc.

Played ping-pong, worked on forehand.

reading Numerical Optimization by Nocedal… would recommend it so far
for readability.

Hackfest 1100111

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

        contract with blueheat,
        their development process is scary,
        wrote python code to solve a scheduling problem
        showing off gwt google code wiki, now non-secret,
        is going to Portland this weekend
        refactored Mused such that it should be easier to add new features
        (not software features, but audo features),
        wants to submit a paper to ICMC, needs a good idea
    Erik:, looking at php weather,
        has converted to distributed version control!! (git)
        used craigslist to find housemates, all were human,
        writing haskell to play slitherlink
        maintaining choices quilts code,
        JDBC, System.out.println
        doing the home-owner’s association thing,
        trying to avoid becoming corrupt
        ga state is ok,
        first day was rough, trouble getting back home,
        no marta money, phone dead, had erik’s keys

Hackfest 1100110

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
      doing rss in rails for
      learning rails,
      worked with martin on zmachine emulator
      started with blueheat, a mobile games company
      (from the Portland chapter of Atlhack)
      wrote a lot of perl,
      saw dolphins,
      reading "i am a strange loop"
      watching election results
      deleting JVM crash logs,
      learning unix
      catching up on weeks of google reader