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distributed: hacking in Bloomington

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

– Made contact with the BloomingLabs folks, probably going to go hang out with them tomorrow and see what’s up.
– developing a lab assignment for his students: n-gram autopoetry… been having a good conversation with Edde Addad, mysterious Internet Electronic Poetry Person, about this.

Pre-Quals Image Editing Hack

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

– Photoshopping the GLG Grand out of a photo of the Atlanta skyline
– Mark’s dad built (i.e. was a carpenter on) this building in the early ’90s, but he’ll forgive the affront

– modified his Floyd-Steinberg dithering code to handle color images
8-color photo from New Year’s Day
– updating qualifier talk slides in preparation for Thursday
– on Sunday, biked with his dad from downtown, up Edgewood to the Krog tunnel
– recorded on a video camera with a rolling shutter, neat image distortions

Handholding Hopscotch Hack

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

– n-body simulation, c++, stl vectors
– b-trees, parallel barnes-hut
– “there are a trillion trillion stars in the universe”
– writing JavaScript for randonized website layout
– not digging JS inheritance
– showing off There’s No Time to Explain
– trying to figure out the new Blender python API
– is now a game designer:
– in class, converted a video game into a hop-scotch game
– players held hands, had to jump to a greater number at each step
– classmates playtested it: CLASSMATES HELD HANDS!
– Rob wins


Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

– has been here for hours
– wrote a paper for Online Communities class
– had a job interview today, graduating in May
– upgraded his Debian system today and overcame hassles with grub failing to reinstall the bootloader
– made a transparent png in Photoshop
– showed off secret mosaic project
– played angry birds, death worm, words with friends (on his iPad 1)
– avoided studying for optics test
– coveted Bill’s iPad 2
– had a paper accepted to SIGGRAPH
– writing some code for multi-objective optimization
– worked on chapter for upcoming Android book
– made some cool iOS music apps at work
– gathered feedback on “Access”, his artgame where you play as a wheelchair dude
– has been working on an augmented reality presentation tool for use with the Kinect
– is here with his ladypartner
– has a new job at an ATDC spinoff company
– is selling her house
– playtested Rob’s game
– played QWOP, laughed hysterically