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Small-steps-in-graphics-land hack

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

– looking at game engines (maratis)
– opengl + bullet physics + lua
– making things in blender

Rob + Jordan
– looking at gui stuff for vomit tennis
– goofed in actionscript
– TODO: physics shaping, adding net, adding sprites

– editing photos in Lightroom

– that heart surgery program
– cleaning up messy code, fixed a ui bug

Pixels and Subnets Hack

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Jordan: making gifs of running tennis dudes, one in a sweater
Rob + Jordan: pair programming of the physics
– have a bouncing ball, paddle, moving character guy, gravity

Erik: writing a replacement for Ruby’s ipaddr library
– for ip address comparison
– stores as bigint, c library for parsing
– subnets and equality testing
– ragel

David: leap motion
– point at pixels
– crazy weekend, claremont lounge
– job hunting

Mark: clustering hand-drawn curves
– using k-means
– based on size/aspect-ratio of oriented bounding box and curvature of curve

SIGGRAPH Deadline Hack

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

– Running a test of blending simulations together
– First marching squares output from simulation interpolation
– Lightroom + GIMP script for “infrared” (swap red and blue channels)
– Creating file format for sketching out game prototypes

Topics of Discussion:
– thrust/arrayfire
– cycloramic app
– as it turns out, none of us are submitting to SIGGRAPH this year

Atlhack 8 Jan Octane

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Atlanta 8 Jan meeting, Octane

* Since Last Week

** Graham
*** Fixed some bugs in mosaicing code, found others.
*** Mark helped compile unaudicle for Mac, it basically works.
*** Also helped me find some bugs, put them in my org-mode bugtracker.
*** Vinny showed me how to use org-mode’s time tracking C-x C-c [C-i, C-o]
*** C-c C-x C-j takes you to current clocked item.

** Rob
** Jordan
*** they are entering Killscreen and ouya CREATE competition
(24 Jan deadline!)
*** settled on the platform and have a plan of attack.

** David
*** went to Israel.

** Vinny
*** changing coworking spaces from Strongbox to Atl Tech Village.

** Karthik
*** isosurface extraction, and some nonlinear least squares, in python
using marching squares (for shape deformation, for a new project).
*** found multiprocessing python, probably better than threading.

** Mark
*** worked on upper body in Tango interface.
*** found a human population map for

* This Week’s Plan

** Graham
*** Try to get supercollider accepting code over OSC.

** Rob
*** get controller input working.

** Jordan
*** Install Unity and play around with it.

** David
*** working on an iphone app.

** Vinny
*** working with collections in backbone-js (client side js)

** Karthik
*** create an animated sequence from slices.

** Mark
*** model your tango database and synthesize a dance.

* This Week’s Reality

** Graham
*** got a basic OSC shell that executes a working supercollider file.
*** looking for a way to safely compile bad code. looking into try/protect

** Rob
*** has a joystick-controlled vomit guy.

** Jordan
*** made a triangle move and read about metaball – a way to fake fluids.

** Vinny
*** has listItem rendering, but no appropriate data to render.

** David
*** switch statement.

** Karthik
*** extracted slices and wants to run some tests on them for patho cases.

** Mark
*** wrote a class that impl. histograms + main loop of synth +
drank a beer + talked to Hamza about genetic memory.

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New Year’s Day 2013

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Mark’s house – 323 4th St

* Members Present
** Kelly
** Graham
** Jordan
** Mark
** Rob

* Since Last Meeting
** Kelly
** posted new versions of aquarium
** started new Berzerk clone (new computer)

** Graham
*** First time visiting ATL since moving to Germany.
*** Livecoding editor in the tradition of audicle

** Jordan
*** Got bachelors degree in CS. Not much else.

** Rob
*** Writing design docs for VomiTennis.

** Mark
*** Showed us fivecolor, animated drawings for drawing synthesis.
*** Showed us tango authoring interface.

* Today’s plan

** Mark
*** Fix bugs in both of the things.

** Kelly
*** Reading cloud atlas on Kindle.

** Rob and Jordan
*** Setting up dev log to track issues.
*** Translate design doc into action plans, milestones.

** Graham
*** Investigate custom renderer for table in Qt.

* Stuff done

** Graham
*** Didn’t find understandable way to change interestingly indent.
**** update: it’s simple, but in a privately composed class (QTreeViewPrivate)
*** Started on connecting to sclang; starting first with named pipes
and QProcess.

** Mark
*** Fixed both bugs.
*** Started added timeline to fivecolor recorder, added lots of timelines.

** Jordan and Rob
*** registered
*** made a git account on assembla.
*** put the explosion.gif on her awesome website.

** Diana
*** Took awesome nap.