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Hackfest 1111100

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


– 8 work days left before summer vacation
– – down to 6 things on The Todo List That Refused To Die
– found an apartment in Bloomington!
– *still* chipping away at SICP

– working on apparent (
– that’s about it

– working on study guide flash-card app
– on own server
– lots of reading to understand algorithms: general techniques to optimize people’s retention

– looked "A Fast Algorithm for Learning a Ranking Function from Large-Scale Data Sets"
– it’s got a lot of math
– started working on online course:
– little bit of Scheme with Lindsey
– dithering around on the internets

– hiking the AT

– lots of rock climbing, hands are tired
– thinking about getting into Python

Hackfest 1111011

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

New Member: Dustin
– went to school at RISD
– rock-climbs with Humza
– joking about a movie where:
– – a man who burns other people’s copies of comics to make his copy more rare
– making Flash animations for Intel + Beijing Olympic ads
– partway through watching tekkonkinkreet

– trying to get on the network
– getting into AMQP
– – similar to JMS (which he uses at work)
– 13 work days left before summer vacation
– – down to 8 things on The Todo List That Refused To Die
– looking for an apartment in Bloomington!
– still chipping away at SICP
– – trying to finish chapter 1 exercises by the end of the month
– working on Tyrus’s “flipping coasts” app
– – for keeping in touch with people after he moves
– wrote code for adding negative captchas to rails apps
– not as excited by phusion passenger as tejus is
– configuring his (thinkpad-mac) to do japanese (kotoeri) input
– ã?Œã‚“ã?°ã?£ã?¦ï¼?
– reading Graham’s DAFX paper
– can’t do classloading (which jython needs) in an applet
– – wrote a blog post about it
– – to which Frank W. (big Jython guy at Sun)
– wrote some schema
– thinking metrics for how good a regression fit is
– says that Knuth doesn’t believe in unit-tests
– researching how to get high-speed internet to his rural small-town
– – so that his younger brother can be part of internetdom
– reading Graham’s DAFX paper
– chattering

Hackfest 1111010

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

New Member: Dan
– industrial engineering student at tech
– building an app for airline scheduling
– asking about jsp,php,java,ruby-on-rails

– working on a reading aid for ADD folks
– displays a file and highlights groups of words at a time
– – to prevent distraction
– – it’s written in swing
– – based on ideas from a speed-reading app
– worked on server config for choices-quilts
– installed ruby on centos 4
– working on the new rails version of choices-quilts
– having trouble with the “will_paginate” plugin
 – went to my college reunion in Iowa
– – saw family, saw friends, saw Alex, video blogged about it
 – learned about the law of “conservation of ream” from my Harvey Mudd
alum housemate
 – won NaRoRuMo 2008
 – finally making headway on SICP again; end of chapter 1 in sight
– being quiet
– working on apparent (the apartment finder)
– going to keep the birthdate of the craigslist posts
– – rather than repull listings from the database at each step
– researching datetime formatting and parsing
– – found a bunch of libraries in python/perl/javascript
– is going to write some code for parsing English text
– – representing repeated date events (like, every Tuesday from 8 to midnight)
– maintaining code, yay?
– working on the jython-in-an-applet-talking-to-javascript project
– – can call from js to applet, and back
– – but keeps getting security exceptions

Other people at Octane: Humza, Ashok, Ashok’s brother (Alok), Samir, Alice, Mike, Dan
Alok is taking the JES class with Monica Sweat
Discovered that Ashok (and Alok) are not Indian, but Nepali

Hackfest 1111001

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Two New Members!
Ashok (with a silent “H”)
– co-worker of Humza and Cary Hull
– making a website for studying/memorizing
– – will use spaced repetition to pick flashcards to show
– co-worker of Ashok
– learning AppEngine
– – looking at using Exhibition with AppEngine

Scott Driscoll (previously)
– writing Matlab code for a freelance project
– has been selling robotics kits to Make magazine
– work: daily insane perl refactoring sprees
– running: daily
– – on track to hit 100 miles for the month
– should perhaps consider occasionally doing things other than work and running
– stretch goal: put a python REPL into a browser using jython and an applet
– – talked with Lex Spoon about this
– talking with Zach about compilers and byte-code interpreters
– running daily
– wrote an outline of making the wiibow
– – with glovepie + puredata
– organizing his workflow paradigm desktop
– hacking on apparent
– – improving query performance by indexing apartments geohash (not the xkcd geohash)
– trying to make Processing allow Java 1.5 syntax
– – getting segfaults
– should have stuck to playing with geomerative
– biked to Stone Mountain yesterday
– made tiny animations in Flash and Photoshop

Hackfest 1111000

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

– used jQuery for ALOE, impressed
– needed client-side autocompleter
– “the jQuery plugin idea is very nearly perfect”
 – helped throw a surprise birthday party
 – went to the Obama rally in Portland with 75,000 people (video)
 – voted
 – did a little more SICP, has been on a plateau for a while, though
 – last day at job will be June 27 (but certainly not counting, or anything)
– sudoku solver
– flashes of love for statically typed languages
– app for keeping track of lines-written-per-day
– got the apartment finder running on appengine
– bulk uploader for pushing craigslist data into datastore
– trouble with db.TextProperty
– stumbling towards objective-c
– – going to make 1337 iPhone apps that do musical things
– air violin, wiibow
– at panopticon-esque job, did web surfing in lynx
– getting familiar with geomerative
– nowhere near “materializing” fonts yet
– needs to make some additional geometric datastructures

Hackfest 1110111

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

– went rockclimbing for the first and second times
– it’s zen, sections of rock are “problems” that you “solve”
– secretly: went on a secret journey, that nobody knows about,
because it’s secret
– calculated the hundred millionth Fibonacci number!:
– can’t stop thinking about integer sequences
– started posting the “apparent” housing finder to appengine,
– made it all ajaxy
– started designing an icon (to rule the world)
– catching up on work
– reading “do androids dream of electric sheep”
– got a bicycle and a haircut
– sudoku solver
– gearsing, going to use svn revision number instead of md5
– hung out in portland with lindsey
– did math together, from sicp
– got rid of appcelerator from skribit
– widget went from 300Kb to 6Kb
– using geomerative to render fonts,
– found and fixed a geomerative/mac issue,
– is going to “materialize” fonts: make them melt like wax, inflate like ballons, etc

Hackfest 1110110

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

– sketching in processing
– writing javascript for apparent
– impemention knuth’s dancing links algorithm (for sudoku)

Hackfest 1110101

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

– python sudoku solver on google appengine
 – went to the Stumptown Comics Fest (ed. beautiful website!)
– – bought comics
– – listened to interesting talks
– – posted some pictures and choice quotations
– announced my impending resignation from my job
– solved a problem in some perl code at work:
– – two bugs were interacting in such a way as to make each other invisible
– – because data was being duplicated in places where it wasn’t supposed to be
– – and the duplication of information made the bug harder to track down
– – for the same reasons that non-normalized databases are vulnerable to errors
– and now I have a project idea: a Data::Doctor module
– – that looks through people’s data structures
– – for telltale signs of redundancy and encourages good data hygiene
– ansley park hexagonal tiles add flavor to 8-mile runs
– looking for new residence
– worked on “apparent” – the apartment finder
– walked mark through installing django,setuptools,gcc,simplejson on “atlanta”
– has OS X running on his thinkpad
– rediscovering the command line
– installing kernel extension and crossing-fingers
– getting Wiimote running (maybe DarwiinRemote)
– made conceptual art, for instructionset

Hackfest 1110100

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

New Member: Megan
– student at SCAD-Atlanta
– – roommate of Anna Marie
– designs clothes
– – gothic lolita and other japanese fashion
– has a ganguro friend in alabama

What we’ve been doing
– translating blogs
– writing midterms
Anna Marie:
– midterms
– tried five things, ended up reverting all of them
– – “i guess my head’s not very clear”
– added a calendar to aloe
– – for bills and invoices
– recentering the apartment-finder map
– released a new version of the Eclipse plugin at work
– writing pseudocode for an asynchronous language for building interfaces
– sudoku solver in python
– – his python is better than two years ago
– gears-ing his app at work

Hackfest 1110011

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Drew + Patrick:
– competed in pyweek (stochasm)
– starting to design a pure-python physic engine: “homebrew”
– getting the css right on the tejus/sonali project
– – an svn browser “like collaboa, but appcelerated”
– – svn bindings are painful to deal with
– screwed around with heroku (rails hosting)
– – trying to upload/run an appcelerator project
– friended kevin whinnery on the appcelerator dev network
– went to japan, sapporo, tokyo, learned kanji and kana
– – there are lots of loan words “energy”, “handle”
– – for things that you’d think a native word must exist for
– did some sicp problems
– went to japan, sapporo, tokyo, learned spoken japanese and a pun
– – only works at an indian restaurant:
– – Q: “nan desu ka?” A: “hai, nan desu!”
– – Q: “what is this?” / “is this nan-bread?” A: “yes, it is what!” / “yes, it is nan-bread!”
– did something python related
– – used the unittest framework
– started reading “all of statistics” in earnest
Anna Marie:
– new quarter: reading, writing, art-history
– awesome new roommate: a japanese aficionado
– wrote a blog post on enterprise-resourse-planning
– having a meeting this week about spinning his project off into a new company
– competed in pyweek
– finished his “anarchic noun-space browser/builder”
– is excited by google app engine, disparaging of pylons
– competed in pyweek
ported python-appcelerator to run on google app engine
– refactoring/fixing pyweek code
– working on his gmaps housing-finder mash-up
– drawing circles to limit search