Hackfest 110 Mortem

by graham

Hackfest 110 – Sept 28 2005 7:30 PM

titillating facts:
Ben likes Firefly because it’s Sci-Fi, but they don’t explain any of it.
Ben hates the Magnetic Fields. But likes to dance to other pop music.
You can see the Octane music list from iTunes.
dmesg is one way to figure out what Linux distro a system is running.
/etc/redhat-dist is another way on machines that run some RedHat.

Since Last Time:
Autograder generator done, TAUI underway. Cannot view/edit results.
Discovered physics abstraction wrapper – GangstaWrapper (like Ogre abstracts 3d libs) abstracts the underlying physics engine.
Commotion into source control.
Nothing on Mused. Setup svn for SWIMM but it’s not working.
Found CDT, a plugin that adds C[++] support to Eclipse.
Some Wine development. Trying to get the Newsleecher installer working.
Right now, the installer doesn’t work. It doesn’t let you create directories. The installer is written in Delphi, and it seems to be some sort of win32 problem involving Delphi code.

Reorganize build structure to remove an extra module and make it simpler.
Get test editor working.
Do something basic in Ogre using Commotion, like basic geometry.
Fix the problem with SVN.
Get my file speedup stuff working, which might be hard because I haven’t touched it in weeks.
Finish reading EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) chapter 1-5.
Doing homework and teaching the graphics gospel.

Reorganized build structure. Cleaned up ties together.
Reduced 250,000 errors to 2 (bizarre objC error). Basic Ogre setup hacked into Commotion, but not quite.
svn now authenticating, rejecting everybody.
I messed around with CDT today, and just worked with the Eclipse environment some more. I think it would be helpful to actually be an expert on the environment, as it’s hard to both program for it and learn how it works (from a user perspective) at the same time.

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