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Hackfest 1100111

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

        contract with blueheat,
        their development process is scary,
        wrote python code to solve a scheduling problem
        showing off gwt google code wiki, now non-secret,
        is going to Portland this weekend
        refactored Mused such that it should be easier to add new features
        (not software features, but audo features),
        wants to submit a paper to ICMC, needs a good idea
    Erik:, looking at php weather,
        has converted to distributed version control!! (git)
        used craigslist to find housemates, all were human,
        writing haskell to play slitherlink
        maintaining choices quilts code,
        JDBC, System.out.println
        doing the home-owner’s association thing,
        trying to avoid becoming corrupt
        ga state is ok,
        first day was rough, trouble getting back home,
        no marta money, phone dead, had erik’s keys

Hackfest 1100000

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

    Says: CCP Games has a new office in Atlanta
    (they make a python-based mmorpg)
    finished mural for his daughter’s room,
    switched to mercurial for source control
    wrote a python macro!
    returns a hashtable of all variable bindings at the return point of a func
    ported accelerator to python, learned setuptools,
    wrote a wrapper to make pyglets looks like nodebox, porting sketches
    leading Martin through Appcelerator
    working with Gil Weinburg on cellphone software,
    learning Appcelerator
    installing pylons, pydev
    reading "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy"
    pushing after thanksgiving
    thumbing through the gang of four book
    trying out the "Miro" player (that Cory Doctrow is all excited about)
    reading about GlovePie,
    so that he can create MIDI Mayhem at Nophest
    reading about professional baking,
    made doughnuts last week,
    they could be better
    "my hair is wet"
    is going to talk about music

Drew: I wish there was something like PyCon, but language agnostic.
Mark: ReadabilityCon08!
Drew: IndentationCon! All languages with semantic whitespace: Python, Haskell…
Mark: Makefiles!
Drew: That’d be TabsAreImportantCon

bcnhack 3

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

6 Nov 2007 – much time

Since Last Week:
-started on my MTG pages: me, chuck
-started checking student labs for Informatica de l’Audio
-made a new chuck doodle
-read lots of papers

This Week’s Plan:
-want to hack in OSC-based RPC to chuck

Hope everybody is doing well, you are missed.

Hackfest 1011011

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

New Member:
        working on startup: Wamily
        make-your-own social-network with widgets
        targeted at young people, customizable
        Emory graduate, wants to move to the valley
        runs Ubuntu, uses RadRails

Since last Time:
        working on pipaya
        read a lot of books:
        "lilith’s brood" – about alien sex, a trilogy
        "you shall know our velocity"
        "children of men", "solaris",
        wrote one of the most powerful introductions to a paper that she’s ever written
        painting a mural of a mountain lion, a rabbit, and a pig,
        in the baby’s eventual room,
        working on gnarly legacy projects,
        things that were once considered a good idea
        moved into a house in decatur,
        processing sketch of fuzzy ellipse ray-tracing,
        read about juno-2 constraint system
        watched another machine learning lecture,
        reading about linear algebra,
        ada-boost, support vector machines, bagging
        BEST robot,
        designing spellchecking algorithms
        week of Tex-Mex, tonight Taco Bell
        configuring his keytar,
        put knobs for the keytar
        making and repairing lamps in his house,
        found on the side of the road, rusted out,
        spent three hours searching for a lamp shade
        finished design,
        will be sent to the photolithography place,
        will start production in a few weeks
        etl (extract-transform-load), pictures

        working/talking with Nate
        reading "you shall know our velocity"
        working on his legacy projects,
        feeling guilty about not working on oilrig
        working/talking with Erik
        preparing bar camp presentation,
        feeling guilty about not working on oilrig,
        taking lots of notes
        teaching about machine learning,
        "the kernel trick"
        learning about machine learning
        cranking voter files,
        reading about postgress internals,
        partial indicies
        likes being able to move around while music-making
        reading film textbook
        "you can exert some physicality" – to rob about keytar,
        explaining photolith materials to mark,
        work on a song, drinking tea

bcnhack 1

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

2 Oct 2007 – more bcn solo-hacking

Since Last Week:
-worked on Chuck sharing website, got demo running

This Week:
-building a running prototype, got db connection, need to add file upload

Hackfest 1011010 Mortem

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Since Last Time:
        releasing an app that converts a rhapsody-listening-feed to,
        books: "Japanese for Busy People 2",
        "Domain-Driven Design", "Beautiful Code"
        learned some with scala (jvm-based functional language)
        triangular wave weekend,
        watching machine learning tutorial online,
        plsa = probabilistic latent semantic analysis,
        is building an outliner,
        may use google gears,
        will return with gwt questions for alex
        played a show at parkgrounds
        doing research,
        working on the new album,
        due by the end of the month

        the server is good now
        reading papers about haskell,
        writing a soft constraint solver in nodebox
        has a stack of papers from acm portal,
        wants to learn statistics (and thus R),
        wants to learn linear algebra (and thus Matlab)
        discussing ajax,gwt,xaml,silverlight,flash
        no internet, so he goes home
        preparing for laptop battle,
        going to learn reason tonight,
        it’s what stuart uses, and rob likes the cheese
        explaining how CAD programs do geometric constraints,
        degrees of freedom
        hanging out

Hackfest 1010111 Mortem

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

11 Sept 2007 – one last hack

Since Last Week-
Alex- started sketching a scrabble bot in python.
 might reduce the problem to finding bags of words.
 other ideas: online community for kids to teach kids programming, like Moose Crossing.
 puzzle: walk a binary tree in order without using recursion
Sonali- db stuff at work.
Tejus- what have I been up to? writing data warehousing stuff. redesigning software.
Martin- working on osiris.
Stuart- research
Graham- wrote down instructions for adding new audio features to Mused. too complicated.
Mark- doing javascript and css for work. watched alex mclean’s new vocable synthesis
Devin- there are updates for fuzzwich

This Week’s Plans-
Alex- make a representation for bag of letters, figure out how to do matches.
Sonali- playing with her phone.
Tejus- playing with his phone, saying goodbye to me.
Martin- working on osiris, adding more image filters to it.
Stuart- music. mourning my departure
Graham- will try to simplify process of adding features to Mused
Mark- go running. all burnt out on computers

Hackfest 1010110 Mortem

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

4 September 2007 – how do you spell funk?

Since Last Week –
Mark- attended three bday parties, not a clown
 looked at pylons and storm, object relational mappers for python
 going to do the digital music project with tyrus
 making a pyweek game in piglets (scene2d)
Stuart- working on music, recorded Rock and Roll Hellhole
Graham- finished mixing The Smooth Galaxy
Tejus and Sonali- setting up the house, learning java and oracle stuff
Vinny- messing with xulrunner, for work and outliner
 thinks it is better than swing

This Week-
Stuart- watching youtube videos and going to cleanroom
Mark- adding jumping to ShizWiz
Graham- want to add feature to Mused
Tejus and Sonali- drink tea and say bye to Graham
Rob- working on the Laptop of War

Hackfest 1010101 Mortem

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

28 August 2007 – table of four + three

flashbacks from mark and drew’s technical comm class

new person – Tyrus of "giant steps" fame
he is a designer, works for hakano / appcelerator
freelance projects, does a lot of painting, paints portraits
currently working on a digital download system for independent musicians

Ryan (Alex’s friend from Tallahasee) is here,
 moving to Toronto tomorrow morning, MS->PhD in medieval studies UToronto

Humza is also here, talking on the phone

Since Last Meeting-
Sonali- getting stuff ready to move into a house. going to London soon.
Tejus- data warehousing, creating a database with different time-slices.
Stuart- went to Las Vegas to visit father, worked on concept album for the "kids"
 worked on a new program, make robots that download public financial data to do stock market research. going to build it in Java, going to use sight, orig., for bioinformatics + SP500, then extract useful information.
 expects to have something in a month. going to call it stock monkey
Graham- met with Alex Rae, who will present my paper in Copenhagen
Drew- wants to build a templated chuck music on demand
 trying to implement a wire level language agnostic protocol for secure rpc
fixning problems in jsp scripts
Mark- hiked the appalachian trail, 140 miles. eight bears, blackberries and blueberries
 focus on water, alternation water filter, iodine, and boiled

Devin- is back from Boston and the YCombinator experience
 apparently met Stephen Wolfram, going ahead with his company
 seems to be excellent for generating absurd animations

Scott Driscoll- made his first sale on curiousinventor-
Alex- played with fluxus, may be hard to setup
 started messing with impromptu, stopped sending media events
 might work on one laptop per child, excited about it

This Week’s Plans-
Sonali- catching up on email from Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
Tejus- trying to keep smart phone sync’ed up with computer
 trying to use "the missing sync", an OSX utility
Stuart- working on "ready for the show"
 about how life sucks and we all are going to die, but you should enjoy the show
Graham- document known bugs in Mused, attempt to fix them
Mark- talk with people about music project, go running

addendum: we bought the server for atlhack-colo

Hackfest 1010100 Postmortem

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

21 August 2007 – billings talks about tries, datastructure for autocomplete

new member Hamza! from Google ops
also we discussed the differences between art, science, engineering

Since Last Week-
Mark- is off hiking the Appalachian trail with his brother
Alex- talking with little zach about data structures
 -catalogued differences between java 1.4 and 1.5 by diffing javadocs
Kelly- started classes at UGA, human sexuality, speculative fiction class
Erik- working on projects that collects server statistics, pipaya
 -talking with Gregg about a manufacturing resource planning for his lab
Gregg- is now a grad student. might have a boyfriend.
 -fillings orders for sensors in the lab, furnace maintenence, training new guy
Billings- made progress on his amp. designed a new bias provider,
 -tested in Spice, ordered transformer
Rob- work stuff, new songwriting
Stuart- did some new project! Alex will tell me about it
Graham- no progress on getting visa faster. started packing up. investigated rooms.
Hamza- working on model to judge effectiveness of machine health model

This Week-
Alex- trying to get fluxus set up again
Kelly- is reading Solaris, reading On the Road by Cormac McCarthy
Erik- working on pipaya
Gregg- putting out feelers for database system to track parts in the lab
Billings- reading stories from PG Wodehouse
Rob- writing tanooki zoo songs
Stuart- doing some exciting project
Graham- must get Mused ready for presentation at ICMC by XRae