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Hackfest 1011001 Mortem

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

    New member
            worked at togetherweb (acquired by Proficient, RobK’s old company),
            part of atlanta tech community, y&r
    SInce last time
            very large victory at work, very happy
            "you put the layout in the css, and you put the content in the html"
            ie problem with absolute positioning,
            solved with css expressions
            has been running a lot
            building network monitoring tools (pipaya: measures ping times)
            went to (Erik et al’s forum)
            generated (with python) sql files to canonicalize counties in database,
            learned a bunch about postgres performance, internals,
            read a paper by stonebraker of postgres fame
            restarting webapps that crashed when his virtual host crashed
            is learning F#
            long phone call
            chattering about databases, social networks, collaborative filtering
            python has a module "colorsys" for doing colorspace conversions,
            going to make colors __add__ able in NodeBox

Hackfest 1011000 Quite-Post Mortem

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Since Last Time
        visa issues
        looked over notes for the lab he’s going to teach at pampel fabra
        scrabblebot progress
        sqlite working, really fast
        at work: stopped mocking up, started making the real thing
        twisted wars, a serious hack
        "i’d write it the same way next time"
        tcp ray leak
        worked his ass off
        lazy rasterization,
        starbursts in processing,
        used as window closing animation in wildfire
        working on fuzzwich,
        rolling out a new site soon,
        bug-fixing, profiling
        refactor mused,
        add features,
        document how to add a new feature
        scrabble board datastructure,
        clever word placement
        formencode in pylons, oilrig
        maybe some reading,
        communicating sequential processes (c.a.r hoare)
        playing with shapes in nodebox

bcnhack 0

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

25 Sept 2007 – bcn alone

Since Last Week-
Graham- moved to Spain
 -got ChucKEx demo (GWT) working on computer

This Week’s Plans-
 -connect it with a database

Hackfest 1010111 Mortem

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

11 Sept 2007 – one last hack

Since Last Week-
Alex- started sketching a scrabble bot in python.
 might reduce the problem to finding bags of words.
 other ideas: online community for kids to teach kids programming, like Moose Crossing.
 puzzle: walk a binary tree in order without using recursion
Sonali- db stuff at work.
Tejus- what have I been up to? writing data warehousing stuff. redesigning software.
Martin- working on osiris.
Stuart- research
Graham- wrote down instructions for adding new audio features to Mused. too complicated.
Mark- doing javascript and css for work. watched alex mclean’s new vocable synthesis
Devin- there are updates for fuzzwich

This Week’s Plans-
Alex- make a representation for bag of letters, figure out how to do matches.
Sonali- playing with her phone.
Tejus- playing with his phone, saying goodbye to me.
Martin- working on osiris, adding more image filters to it.
Stuart- music. mourning my departure
Graham- will try to simplify process of adding features to Mused
Mark- go running. all burnt out on computers

Hackfest 1010110 Mortem

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

4 September 2007 – how do you spell funk?

Since Last Week –
Mark- attended three bday parties, not a clown
 looked at pylons and storm, object relational mappers for python
 going to do the digital music project with tyrus
 making a pyweek game in piglets (scene2d)
Stuart- working on music, recorded Rock and Roll Hellhole
Graham- finished mixing The Smooth Galaxy
Tejus and Sonali- setting up the house, learning java and oracle stuff
Vinny- messing with xulrunner, for work and outliner
 thinks it is better than swing

This Week-
Stuart- watching youtube videos and going to cleanroom
Mark- adding jumping to ShizWiz
Graham- want to add feature to Mused
Tejus and Sonali- drink tea and say bye to Graham
Rob- working on the Laptop of War