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Hackfest 11100 Mortem

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

30th March 2006 – "Hola, atlhaqueros!"

Since Last Week:

Josh (n00b)
-author of previously featured JoshPOV blog
-avid wayfaring user: Josh’s Maps of Atlanta and elsewhere
-working on Tech Campus Map GMaps overhaul
-works with Graham at GTRI

-school projects in progress:
1. Wikipedia Article on Data Integration (for Databases)
2. Graph-based Matrix Reordering to minimize fill-in on Gaussian Elimination (Sparse Matrices)
3. An improved Kalman Filter using Incomplete Matrix Factorizations (Machine Learning)

-hacking the GPU to compute silhouettes (for cell shading)
-designing the class interface for ChucK binary IO

-looked into eclipse plugin API, looks hairy (SWT is Not Swing)
-custom graphics programming for commotion
-touched up original concept idea for Sonic Boom ChucK

-made the Never button work in SWIMM
-played Tekken5, visited Tim

-with AJAX history framework (works with Safari)

-reviewed his old SWT hack so he can reapply it
-got WXGA resolution MythTV working

-submitted ChucK instanceof patch
-needs to prepare for upcoming dorkbot talk
dorkbot-atl presentation next Thursday at 7pm!

Tonight’s Reality:

-started working on a Rhino console, dumps output

-setup MikTeX and tex2html on RENODAKOTA (laptop)
-started to write supplemental material for presentation
-started to write his first literate programs program

-familiarizing himself with javascript prototyping

-worked on packaging SWIMM
-packaging Java in OSX may be difficult, he shall overcome

Hackfest 11011 Mortem

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

23 March 2006 – Yuppie Ghetto (Midtown) Superstars

Since Last Week:

-(Google Maps) KML export in Blender
-Better mock up of his target UI for Commotion
-ordered stickers! request yours soon!

-has a working proof-of-concept => instanceof operator. Needs to fix a few bugs.
-wants to come up with a => music tutorial.
-recorded some songs with => last weekend.

-worked on his MythTV box (svn-20+)
-helping create debian packages for deployment.
-wrote a PHP program that checks out svn source and deploys on website.

This Week Reality:

-dabbled in adding Guile hooks to =>
-integrating Rhino and js hooks into Eclipse, true runtime language in Eclipse (w/ Luke)

-planned Crawfish boil (w/ Graham)
-Rhino+Eclipse (see above)

-debugged his patch for instanceof
-used ‘diff -ur’ to make a patch of this
-will use the patch to build a wrapper for STK instruments
-wrote outline for => music web tutorial

Hackfest 11010 Mortem

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Hackfest 11010 – 8 PMish, 16 March 2006 – A Code Knitting Circle

Since last week-

links: eigenradio, a singular christmas

-GSU student, also works full-time
-worked on Breakout Pro, messageboard features
-working on a web based IDE for php "wide".

-graduated from Tech in Aerospace, works with student publications
-writing a free ESL dictionary, will finish before he reaches 39
-ESL is unique (different from EFL) because it is for speakers in an English-speaking country and must incorporate lots of cultural context

sudoku solver in python
-went looking for Common Lisp GUIs, found LTK

-posted patch for Linux kernel for his keyboard

-hacking commotion GUI, saved window state and added text labels
-visited UIUC in Champagne-Urbana
-used Shark (for profiling) and Quartz Debug (shows UI framerate and updates)

-gave a talk to Jason Freeman’s computer music class
-will give a better presentation to April 6 dorkbot-atl
-started attempting to add ‘instanceof’ operator to ChucK
-hasn’t looking into colocating
-hasn’t sent queries to huge emacs list yet

This week:

-SWIMM – spinning off modified "extract" binary
-making signal features that update at non-import times

-working on "wide", his web-based IDE

-ripping out inference engine from poetry bot
-wants it to learn more on its own

-messing with Guile, plans to use for his revisionist filesystem
-investigate creating services with SMS for timekeeping application
-can’t find a way to run a system process in Guile

-will get the stickers in the right format

-developing his process for the dictionary which would include:
   -scanning in books via OCR
   -need to find tools for tagging and annotating the words

Today’s realities:

-working on grad school apps

-brainfried, reading Hume

-added ability to save files

-one-off modification of marsyas "extract" binary via #ifndef
-refactored some of the extraction code

-figured out how to communicate with process in Guile
-posix-like: you must use fork and exec
-going to write some wrapper code for it

-got the pdf for the stickers, will send them out soon

Hackfest 11001 Postmortem

Friday, March 10th, 2006

9 March 2006, 9ish at Octane

Before the meeting, Graham attended dorkbot-atl-3, Luke caught a flight from Louisiana, and Joel taught a climbing class. Vinny was taking a breather to prepare for a weekend trip.

News and updates:

 – worked on revamping his wiki and blog.
 – is looking for a good place to buy crawfish in Atlanta.
 – getting to know his Microkorg synth better. Wants to get max/msp.
 – will present some ChucK music at Jason’s computer music class.
 – is frequently offended by art theory.
 – wants to write program 100 for LiteratePrograms, will settle for 114.

This was a low key night of discussion and philosophy.

startup school notes

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

I never actually typed up my notes from Startup School, but you can see notes and get audio on the presentations here: Startup School Presentations
Olin Shivers talk was especially excellent.
There is also a Startup Wiki for interested tech entreprenuers.

allanfemistoreinc is a spambot

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

user allanfemistoreinc is a spambot. I blocked him.

Hackfest 11000 Postmortem

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

– Since Last Time
    – Graham
        – Lots of stuff
        – Released clocks:
            – check it out!  is it annoying?  how is it applicable?
        – Chuck
            – added fade ins and outs
            – multiple shreds are note-synchronized
            – wants to Chuck Atlanta
        – Fixed parts of chuck-mode.el
            – bad files still fail silently (due to emacs call-process logic)
            – server doesn’t run in shell mode (or inside emacs at all)
    – Alex (n00b!)
        – Wrote a spanish to english translator
        – poetry generator (Trurl’s Electronic Bard! from The Cyberiad)
        – wrote a device driver
        – has been looking at GUI -> clisp interfaces (
        – likes openNLP (used by SWIMM)
    – Vinny
        – have a commotion release now, @
        – got some GUI stuff working, boxes and lines with drop
            – did some Shark
        – wrote a little commotion documentation
    – Beckham (n00b!)
        – TechComm project: open source home security & automation
            – fidgets, ibutton, obscure automation tech, x10!
        – Mail and news client, command line, no control keys!
            – gnus … minus emacs
        –,, projects
        – admin for
            – OIT sucks
        – wrote a frameless clock for debian / X windows (osd_clock)
    – Martin (n00b!)
        – hacking chuck
            – file IO for general purpose things
            – working with Jason Freeman on a composition
                – localization -> composition
                – many person environment – 75 audience members
– Today’s Plans
    – Vinny
        – work on commotion blurb
        – publish commotion link w/ blurb
    – Graham & Alex
        – SWIMM – how it extracts features
    – Beckham
        – converting a build server from bash to python
    – Martin
        – hanging out and planning Chuck Atlanta
– Today’s Reality
    – Alex & Graham
        – Marsyas
            – hooking v2.0 in SWIMM
        – Found the location of sequence features in SWIMM
        – read up on OpenNLP maximum entropy
    – Beckham
        – tried to convert Graham to various CLI tools
        – tried to use socat… hows that work?
    – Vinny
        – as usual, very little.  set up a tunnel to gehennom for
              news reading