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Hackfest 110001 Postmortem

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

21 Sept 2006, more of two tall geeks

Since Last Week:
Eric- sings the praises of Rails. For Dreamforce!
Graham- attended High Zero 2006 festival in Baltimore!
-playing with fruity loops.

Tonight’s Plan:
Eric- chill out on the internets.
Graham- write emails to chuck-users list.

Tonights Reality:
Graham- after trying cpreprocessor unsuccessfully,
uses m4 to hard code sample library paths in chuck.
(m4 for windows)
-did not actually write emails to chuck list.

Hackfest 110000 Postmortem

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

7 September 2006 – loud music and tall geeky boys

Since Last Week-
Erik- implementing a ticketing system at work.
Graham- started working on a limiter->dynamics processor for chuck.

This Week-
Erik- getting history.js to work with lightbox (a photo display app).
Graham- add necessary controls to dyna.
-make some chuck file examples that demonstate each mode.

Erik thinks the colo idea is good, worried about bandwidth. 316 Terabytes!
What will we do if the server needs reboot? Call or website interface?
What about DNS servers?