Hackfest 111 Mortem


Hackfest 111 – Oct 7 2005 7:30 PM

Since Last Time:
Graham: Fun with MPI and OpenMP for his Operating Systems class.

Ben: Has completed much of what the old autograder did in his new framework.

Vinny: OGRE 3D is working with commotion. Basic 2D object tracking is also working.

Titus: Job Interviews.

Luke: Fun with XWindow IDs and reverse engineering windows-only eclipse plugins.

That night:
Graham: Investigated Ning, considered purchasing an audio device for the laptop, and pondered emacs.

Ben: Added UI sugar and honey to the autograder in Netbeans.

Vinny: Worked on Drupal and lost, but he went out fighting.

Luke: Self-realization, Self-rationalization, and a decision to cancel plans to buy a home. Did some dhcp debugging a bit too.

any corrections or missing info? 

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