Atlhack Prehistory

by graham

Not sure if these were the first formal meetings, but there were a few summer meetings at Graham’s house.

Friday 18 Mar 2005 (vinny’s notes)
–  Last hackday
     –  Graham
         –  Basic direct sound functionality – loading, playing
         –  Loaded MP3’s and played them
     –  Vinny
         –  Managed to do nothing.
         –  BEEP has no complete implementation in .Net
         –  I’ve decided to use Java
         –  I want to make a prodcedural game
–  Today’s Plans
     –  Graham
         –  basic decoding in Bass
     –  Vinny
         –  Finally make a BEEP app, in Java this time
             –  Do it in eclilpse
         –  Brainstorm game ideas
–  Today’s Reality
     –  Graham
         –  Managed to decode a whole MP3 and rewrite to raw PCM, load in editor
             –  Works grrrrrreat!
         –  No FFT analysis yet
     –  Vinny
         –  Configured eclipse
             –  learned about the workspace, and projects
             –  played with the visual editor for 2 seconds, before
                   it crashed
         –  created a project called BeepMe, for chatting
             –  imported beepcore Jars
         –  Pirated a beep sample code to do something
             –  runs a server – does the slowest ping ever.
–  General Ideas
     –  We’re going to take hackday notes
     –  we want our server!
         –  running social networking goodies
         –  be a place to leave notes, code
         –  we need a domain… looking for ideas.  hackatl?
Friday, 20 May 2005
–  Since Last Hackday
    –  Graham
    –  Vinny
        –  Gotten bounce to work
            –  Currently bouncing on 3d needs 2d sqare
            –  ODE works great
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Graham
        –  Auditory Masking
        –  GUI – plugging segmentation algo w/ sequence editing
    –  Stephen
        –  Has a prime number generator in "Processing" (java subset)
            –  speed optimization and graphic scaling – run forever
    –  Joel
        –  Max/MSP
            –  Patch takes the difference of sequential notes
                –  attempting a call and response behavior
            –  Integrating two keyboards and creating harmony
            –  "Well tempered scale, here I come!"
            –  Creating a continuous (vs discrete) music theory
    –  Grant
        –  The return of spoon tease!
            –  A procedural world, a la the demo scene
            –  the end result – a Primer (Stephenson) or game (Scott
            –  Joel says: "Schrödinger’s spoon"
    –  Vinny
        –  Hacking MIDI into windowed electropaint
–  Today’s Reality
    –  Listened to 4 WHOLE EPISODES of Coverville.  It r0x0rs.  So
          does Rodeohead
    –  Graham
        –  Did a little temporal masking
        –  No success with acoustic / instantaneous masking
    –  Stephen
        –  It scrolls!
        –  and runs! continuously!
    –  Grant
        –  Laptop isn’t dealing with opengl, fell back on 2d spoon
              tease generation
    –  Vinny
        –  Struggled to get electrpaint in a widnow, no success yet
        –  Didn’t touch MIDI
    –  Joel
        –  Got inconstant results from Max/MSP
        –  Learned oodles of Max shortcuts

Friday, 8 July 2005 is up in a rudimentry fashion.  I’m waiting on a public IP
from my ISP for a full rollout, but I have a stub page up.  Send me a
link and a picture if you want to be added to it, or if you want me to
change what I have up there.

– Vinny

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