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little bit of hacking in Bloomington

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

It’s Tuesday night in Bloomington! Time for some relaxing hacking on NLTK

Making NLTK’s interface to MaltParser a little more usable
MaltParser is rad. Been reading about dependency parsing algorithms, and how to use this one in practice…
– Also, NLTK trunk wasn’t even loading today. Yeep! (Fixed!)

– asleep in Mountain View after a busy day at Mozilla. What with the FF4 release and all.
– also: got code in the Rust compiler today.

hacking on a Tuesday in New York

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

– Working on his new poetry bot, sleep-furiously.
– this week: found some bugs in NLTK, submitted some patches (one of them accepted already!)
– Last week: kompressr: make text shorter harnessing the power of acronyms (MTSHTPOA). (python/nltk/appengine)

– Taking an operating systems class at Cornell, learning about memory management and filesystems.
– Tonight: writing a user-space filesystem!

What’s everybody else up to?

Early Spring Bloominghack!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

– Alex is porting the rhyme-scoring code from the poetrybot to Python
– but right now, it only does end rhymes, which isn’t particularly interesting. (but it’d be pretty easy to expand to internal rhymes…)
– in research news, he plugged toulbar2 into the dependency parser (which uses constraint solving to do a parse — and now pretty soon will do “soft constraints”, or just “preferences”) — and is now thinking about how to find out what the weights on the constraints should be, with machine learning.

– Lindsey read about information flow security in a PL context (so, like: languages that support security levels in the type system. eg: jif)
– also: went running
– research news: working on translating a language with dependent types to continuation-passing style. Also, thinking about how to formally describe (like, with automated theorem-proving) the interactions between static and dynamic languages.

Hackfest 10000110

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Nirmal (Patel) is here!
Telling us about his research and trips to Korea for a project.
He’s been reading for quals.

Alex is hacking Haskell, doing the Accordian problem.
Doing IO.
Working on chapter 4 of Real World Haskell.

Rob is scheduling a Martial Arts Movie Party.
He uploaded holiday photos. ( New Year’s Eve and beyond )

Mark is talking with Nirmal.
He worked on Corkbird’s Processing/Java -> JSON serialization over the weekend.

Lindsey made a page for her academic exploits, started classes (incl. a compilers class), and is now an Associate Instructor (aka TA) for the undergrad programming languages class.
Also: working on Project Euler, just finished #4.