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Hackfest 1110001

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

– got a new macbook
– interviewed a priestess for the next creative loafing
– interview with mayor slash funeral directory to be published tomorrow
– a little bit in love with the XO laptop
– met with b.w.thompson in Barcelona
– working on paper for DAFX in Finland
– fixed a bug today
– – which hopefully yields great glory and trip to Finland
– just stuff
– blogged a rant on subwindow
– got a bunch of comments
– retracted rant
– working on dimwit (code editor written in D and python)
– making windows splittable
– finished reading Mythical Man-Month, still reading sicp
– playing with the OLPC
– got excited about emulating a Mac Plus, was running mini vMac
– -fun but not long-term productive
– got even more excited about NLTK
– – wants to integrate that and maybe ConceptNet into a new poetry bot and text-remixer…
– thinking about crowdsourcing
– next week, will be hacking from Japan with lindseykuper
– got an XO laptop
– brought the XO to Code n’ Splode
– – and got it to play with Audrey‘s XO
– found out that Portland has an XO user group!
 – updated Shoebox Full of Tapes
 – basically finished training for the marathon
 – got VPN working for more people at work, finally
 – with all of the above, has trouble finding time to write code for work, let alone for play
– figured out how to turn on channel logging for #appcelerator (on freenode)
– writing quadratic equation in yonth (harder than it sounds)
– refactoring lots of ruby code at work
– – would like an automatic refactoring: “take the seven argument function and make an object from the arguments that can be passed around instead”

Hackfest 1110000

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

– writing basic backend code for the D text-editor
– code-named “dimwit”: “D language plus my state of intelligence”
– thought about how to edit really large files
– reading sicp and mythical man month
– needs a good side project
– working on gears and docreader features
– was introduced to unix’s “select” call (for networking) in high school
– it’s in the main loop of circle-mud
– which was the first big c program he worked on
– visited the Oregon coast
– went hiking in the mud
– had breakfast with old undergrad CS adviser SamR
– – who showed off DrFu, which integrates DrScheme with Script-Fu for GIMP
– ran 21.1 miles with Alex
– – didn’t die
– finally made VPN work on her shiny new macbookpro at work
– – thus thwarting the IT department’s attempts to prevent work from being done
– alex did these things too, where it makes sense for him to do them
– investigating MIDI standards,
– wants to understand MIDI for use in Max/MSP
– downloading patches for the CZ1 (a badass Casio)
– – for learning sound synthesis
– will eventually make your voice with the Casio
– – which will not be like Stephen Hawking speaking
– building this “thing”, perhaps unwisely
– extending symbol in activerecord to make things more terse
– hard to explain
– for creating tables of datat
– reading “Lovely Bones”
– reading about scala and java interoperability, sounds messy
– went to pycon
– – learned aboutSaturday House (which is similar to atlhack)
– – learned about robust, distributed backup systems (mozy and allbydata)
– contributed to Drew’s “Miru” project
– went to pycon
– hacked on Miru
– hacked on excitebike clone: “baiku”
– went to pycon
– worked on baiku
– worked on his anarchic content creation system
Alex (Ray):
– annotating the root pitch of recording of indian classical music
– so that they can feed them into the big system
– get pitch class distr
– attempt at reccomendation engine
– mark godfrey is working on this
– finds neighbors based on features
– comparing pitch based and timbral features
– tunes sine wave oscillator, get it basically correct, the click next
– – over and over again
– – boring
– listening machine is coming up (april 20something)
– – working on “mridangam” listener/improvisor
– – which listens
– – which will do fancy algorithms to play something else back
– went to spark festival
– – played a set, and played with parag

Hackfest 1101111

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Hackfest 1101111
– working on stellar
– irked by the way ruby’s “require” is relative to the root/parent script,
– thinks it should be relative to the current script (like python, says mark)
– first stellar app running!
– using HAML
– embedding python into D
– generating D bindings
– will make a text-editor using a combination of D and python
– started at Appcelerator
– hacked on the perl servicebroker
– learned about Google Gears
– wrote some python to produce data for gears
– worked on SICP problems
– writing some media-computation python (smearing tacocat)
– wrote a birthday present for her friend
– – it takes his username and computes his age (in a Scheme-y sort of way)
– coordinated trips
– stuck in meetings at work
– met a brilliant mathematician/computer-scientist and stay-at-home mom
– – thus believes there are more elite women in the world than people realize (anna marie says: amen!)
– – especially in places where women are encouraged to be humble,etc
– – who don’t give talks at cons because they don’t realize how brilliant they are
– sped up Prototype’s “String.prototype.gsub” (in everything except Safari)
– started a blog ( shiftpop )
Anna Marie:
– finals week, stressed
– can’t put alt-text on background-images
– completed site-map for portfolio site
– working on design for an athletic-wear company: “helios”
– installed OS X on his windows computer
– playing with MAX/MSP
– learning python
– gaining experience points, trolls, firespells
– “not a metaphor”

Hackfest 1101110

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

– hacked on D and GTK-D
– making a texteditor (textmate+vim clone)
– entering exploratory phase of magic web framework
– tentatively titled “stellar”
– derived attributes, caching, everything in the model
– a big “F.U.” to M.V.C.
– wrote a stack-based language: “yonth”
– adding more primitive operations tonight: greater_than, not_equals
– reading about Joy language, quoting
– scrambled for launch
– successful except for minor communications snafu
– so it became an internal launch
– reading sicp, and mythical man month
– received shiny new macbookpro at work
– received shiny emails from future professors
– ate quinoa
Anna Marie:
– wetting her pinky toe in web design
– working on a portfolio site for a friend
– figured out text-align: justify in Dreamweaver
– (still her means of coding)
– released documentation for Miru: