Hackfest 1000010 Postmortem

by graham

27 March 2007 – crazydar (on okcupid)

New person: Eric from MSCS Gatech
Has used Processing to access CV libraries.

Rory! – teaches drama writing at Gainesville State College.

Since Last Week-

Tejus- tried to work on Structural Fusion (work in IE) has router troubles, configuration of NAT.
Sonali- finding a new job, fulltime in software development.
Mark- wrote qaboom code for AJAX dropdowns. Drawing arrows in nodebox.
Read about superglue (chucklike language) and scala functional language (compatible with JVM) supports closures and union types, and pattern matching.  (not the musical tuning scala)
Superglue is a reactive programming language, like lucid (jet autopilot language)
Alex- designed a SWIMM experiment, writing the paper for mini-querty error correction.
Two revolutions- two class of typos being conflated into one.
Rapid keypresses in sequence, one must register first over a serial line.
class 1: insertion before, class 2: insertion after
will use difference between transition features, should help to disambiguating
has a new camera
Erik- fixing up his house. A tree fell on his cable line. saw Of Montreal in Athens.
They applied his patch to Rails- fixed a part of proxied associations.
Graham- they released a new chuck! with my Dynamics object. wrote a country song.
Puyan- musicPlot, the spatial music navigator is coming along nicely.
You plot your songs on a plane, then draw curves to make playlists.

This Week’s Plan-

Mark- Arrows, motion symbols, etc.
Alex- helping Zach debug his C++. Has code for typo stuff.
Erik- making another refinement of carpal. search engine optimization, shopping cart.
Graham- will do some chuck hacking for music.

Last Sonic Generator of the season was awesome. Matt Gilbert‘s (awesome IDT student) video for Vermont Counterpoint was amazing.

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