Hackfest 111110 Postmortem

by graham

27 Feb 2007 – return from pycon

Gavin is the dude serving coffee and tea tonight.
atlhack.org was down because drupal was hosed.
(ps- was due to the missing user 0 bug:

Since Last Week-
Graham- got a UDP interface compiling in XPCOM.
-released chuck assignment for cs4950.
Mark- colo dudes say open-top server probably ok.
-has many stories from pycon, will transcribe.

new face-
Hamed Hashemi-
worked for Mark’s company, now works for Hakano, a Web2.0 consultancy startup.
they have a framework for quickly building web applications.
He also wrote RadioJavan.com, a website for Persian music.

Sonali- onto next project. working on the website (almost done).
starting a company with Tejus- building website with WordPress with company ideas.
A small contracting company with designers and programmers.
Structural Fusion- ruby on rails and free software- easy for small businesses to use.
Use case- T’s parents, have a small company of 3-4 people.
Websites should be easy to change and add products.
Documentation so non-CS users can administer- with AJAX tools and maintenance tools.

Tejus- worked a bit on ruby mp3 player.

Jason- qaboom LLC.
Met guys for partnership- license them the tech, have them market qaboom.
Went to visit them in Corona (Fender guitars).
Agreed to work for them verbally- was unsure about them- family expressed doubts.
Would not sign until he sees a lawyer.
Tony is trying to steal Jason’s code and domain.

advice from design of qaboom-
Record all information – ip views – can be used to debug, can be used creatively.

Will- not sure if he wants to work for Coke.

Plans for this Week-
Graham and Mark- try talking between chuck and python (nodebox) via OSC.
work on getting OSCkit compiled for XPCOM, then ported to mac.
Sonali- wordpress stuff.
Tejus- Design work and resume updating.

Tonight’s Reality-
Graham and Mark- got nodebox talking to chuck via OSC! synch music.
(have held jam sessions on Thursdays hereafter)

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