Hackfest 1000000 Postmortem

by graham

13 March 2007 – new member Drew!

works at Gametap managing data services for saved games, scores, other important info.
does some cool python open source development.
wants to do more procedural graphics and sound. djs.


he recommends:
the GDC2007 lecture from Koji Kondo on interactive game scores
pyweek, compete to build a game in a week in python

Since Last Week-
Mark- worked on qaboom php code
Alex- handhelds have a discrete sampling period 16ms (typos)
submitted to a background check for work
Graham- built ChucKLib into Playmotion.
jammed with Mark and made a video.

This Week-
Emily- writing a paper on difference between Trent and Luther- good works vs. non-chosen salvation.
Mark- testing performance of python sequence functions, wanted to cheaply iterate over sketch points.
Alex- solve 2 keys at once
Graham- not much, documentation. need to do the MIR homework.

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