Hackfest 1000001 Postmortem

by graham

20 March 2007 – meat soup and meat sandwich (meatball and chicken salad)

Since Last Week-
Erik- working on Enterprise Resource Planning, keeping track of everything (in ruby)
 2500 lines of code, not even close to first prototype yet
 collecting 800 facts about each little sensor they manufacture
 his head would implode if not for rails
Mark- (last week was 11th week of 2007)
 his company travelling to some major city for biz dev
 object oriented relational type system – read lots of stuff on lambda the ultimate (soft typing systems)
 enough testing is equivalent to strong typing – "strong typing is just constant folding of type assertions" vs "some things not expressability in some languages" like in pi calculus (impossible to express a deadlock)
Drew- stumbled upon plotkit – javascript library for plotting
Graham- found a way to link to pages within a pdf document

along these lines, Erik clued us into Scribd, which aims to be "YouTube for Documents"

This Week-
Drew- working on NDA stuff. going to China next week
Erik- working on samplemygoods using rails webforums
Mark- drawing arrows with interesting properties in nodebox
Graham- on PS2 for my Comp. Music Analysis class

Erik- samplemygoods.org and dot.com will be live tonight!
Sonali- building content management for the quilt site
Tejus- tried to compile icecast on Mac-wrote a blog post on JUnit
Mark- swinging arcs in nodebox

"every website complex enough contains an ad hoc content management system" – Mark
variant of Greenspun’s Tenth Rule

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