Hackfest 1001111 Postmortem

by Mark Luffel

since last time
– has two reference frames in his head
– Tech’s east campus is up, Decatur is very up
– as he zooms out, Peachtree starts to go up
– put references to Real-Ultimate-Power into the Wikipedia article about the spirit of jujitsu

– is going to move into a place off of Howell Mill
– is going to install ceiling fans there
– read about a company that was trying to draw maps in the way that humans draw maps for other humans
– now has keys to three buildings on Tech campus
– high-preformance ceramics: ceramics are non-metallic, non-polymeric, non-composite material
– aluminum is a ceramic because its atoms are covalently bonded with oxygen
– went to a computer camp at Oglethorpe in the era when Mike Tyson bit that guy’s ear off

– is back from New York
– is about to move to Athen
– ran the newspaper at Oglethorpe for two years
– is registering for classes

– has started moving his Processing projects into IntelliJ
– finished the Parsec parser
– made his first typeclass (to unify the AST nodes of the statemachine problem)

– worked
– jammed out with Rob on Sunday ("Mr Spanky Surprise")
– jammed out with Graham ("Johny J’s Got A New Pair A’ Shoes")
– both "too out-there" to incorporate into the Shithouse Kids style

Stuart and Greg are discussing materials
Miriam is helping Alex edit the Wikipedia article on Hinche
Mark is reading about the IO Monad in Haskell, and writing code for
"Can we share a linguistics Master’s?" -Alex to Miriam

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