Hackfest 111100 Postmortem

by graham

13 February 2007 – 5 on 5

Tonight’s plans:

Tejus is making a web streaming mp3 program for Rails.
Sonali is learning Rails and updating an ecommerce site in Rails for her family, Choices Quilts.
Gregg Van Laningham will sketch a decorative stained-glass birdhouse with 4 removable sections for each of the four Seasons.
Mark is installing Django and postgres and svn. Will work on XPCOM UDP.
Alex is learning about Continuation Passing Style– a way to pass control around in functional languages. Also need to fix graphics bug on Mac version of JES, maybe in Mac Java 1.5. Graphics Context turns black when you use Graphics2D functions.
Graham is going to work on the embedded chuck, specifically calling it from a DLL.
Cali Mike is working on Real Analysis homework
– Six problems relating to the topology of the real line, open and closed sets etc.

books discussed:
Golden Notebook – five threads of dimensions of a personality – Mark mentions it.
Everything is Illuminated – Jonathan Safran Foer – contains three separate narratives that intertwine.

We discussed Scrum, Promises, and COMEFROM.

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