Hackfest 1010110 Mortem

by graham

4 September 2007 – how do you spell funk?

Since Last Week –
Mark- attended three bday parties, not a clown
 looked at pylons and storm, object relational mappers for python
 going to do the digital music project with tyrus
 making a pyweek game in piglets (scene2d)
Stuart- working on music, recorded Rock and Roll Hellhole
Graham- finished mixing The Smooth Galaxy
Tejus and Sonali- setting up the house, learning java and oracle stuff
Vinny- messing with xulrunner, for work and outliner
 thinks it is better than swing

This Week-
Stuart- watching youtube videos and going to cleanroom
Mark- adding jumping to ShizWiz
Graham- want to add feature to Mused
Tejus and Sonali- drink tea and say bye to Graham
Rob- working on the Laptop of War

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