Hackfest 1010111 Mortem

by graham

11 Sept 2007 – one last hack

Since Last Week-
Alex- started sketching a scrabble bot in python.
 might reduce the problem to finding bags of words.
 other ideas: online community for kids to teach kids programming, like Moose Crossing.
 puzzle: walk a binary tree in order without using recursion
Sonali- db stuff at work.
Tejus- what have I been up to? writing data warehousing stuff. redesigning software.
Martin- working on osiris.
Stuart- research
Graham- wrote down instructions for adding new audio features to Mused. too complicated.
Mark- doing javascript and css for work. watched alex mclean’s new vocable synthesis
Devin- there are updates for fuzzwich

This Week’s Plans-
Alex- make a representation for bag of letters, figure out how to do matches.
Sonali- playing with her phone.
Tejus- playing with his phone, saying goodbye to me.
Martin- working on osiris, adding more image filters to it.
Stuart- music. mourning my departure
Graham- will try to simplify process of adding features to Mused
Mark- go running. all burnt out on computers

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