Hackfest 1100000

by Mark Luffel

    Says: CCP Games has a new office in Atlanta
    (they make a python-based mmorpg)
    finished mural for his daughter’s room,
    switched to mercurial for source control
    wrote a python macro!
    returns a hashtable of all variable bindings at the return point of a func
    ported accelerator to python, learned setuptools,
    wrote a wrapper to make pyglets looks like nodebox, porting sketches
    leading Martin through Appcelerator
    working with Gil Weinburg on cellphone software,
    learning Appcelerator
    installing pylons, pydev
    reading "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy"
    pushing after thanksgiving
    thumbing through the gang of four book
    trying out the "Miro" player (that Cory Doctrow is all excited about)
    reading about GlovePie,
    so that he can create MIDI Mayhem at Nophest
    reading about professional baking,
    made doughnuts last week,
    they could be better
    "my hair is wet"
    is going to talk about music

Drew: I wish there was something like PyCon, but language agnostic.
Mark: ReadabilityCon08!
Drew: IndentationCon! All languages with semantic whitespace: Python, Haskell…
Mark: Makefiles!
Drew: That’d be TabsAreImportantCon

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