Hackfest 11110 Mortem

by graham

13 April 2006 – "many new people"

since last week + everything else:

isiah (new)
-grad studying business intelligence at GSU
-has worked for equifax writing assembly score code
-works and has worked on several data mining projects

robert! (new) – rmccurdy.com
-from the weather channel
-automated timestamp date verification using scripted gOCR
-wants a job in network security – email him at rmccurdyjob@yahoo.com
-likes reason and tracker software

john (new)
-major work projects:
-decoding fighter pilot network messages to human readable format (at GTRI)
-using PlaceLab + wifi for location on portables
-cellphone based location schedule learning w/ Jeremy
-working for Windows Mobile this summer
-side projects he’ll send to me by email

emily (new)
-email and myspace at octane
-going to study divinity at Candler theology school
-wants an even mix of spirituality and behavioral techniques in counseling
-reading, softball, art & music appreciation, blogging

-groovy scripts to sox convert and tag mp3s
-registered for classes
-introduced Vinny to Milhouse, the AquaMOOSE poetry bot
(he has written two poetry robots!)

-google "luke is retarded"
-worked on caching style – assume static unless it needs to be dynamic
-eclipse-rhino – evaluation goes to standard console, and added a JS alert

vinny (on his 2nd startup)
-got rails dev environment running
-implemented a custom attribute accessor
-started writing a document on why you should learn lisp + how to do it at work
-reading A Security Kernel Based on Lambda Calculus – Rees ’96

-reworking my workhorse arpeggiation code scale.ck
-SWIMM debugging arrrgh
-waiting for details of potential future employer

-redid subwindow.com
-wp_thin – a minimal AJAX-safe wordpress renderer
-subwey – wrote a guided websurfing client

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