new environs


the hapax legomenon of the week is "turquila".  this is a drink i made up: a blend of wild turkey 101 and patron silver.

i find myself in a strange place, surrounded by walls and distraught with idle dreams and carrots.  there, on the wall, was a picture of a burger.  the zero remains steady.  the pulley in its rarefied forms.

i’m working as a contractor developing code in scheme.  the sicp rests proudly on the new desk.  i’ve got a laptop!  and my friends are all here now:

 – mr. lobster, who has recovered excellently from the loss of a primary limb.
 – the warbling parrot-head, which always speaks the truth when i’m down.
 – the four blind mice of the rubbery apocalypse
 – mr. hermit crab, type SR 128 – 001X.

and new friends, too:

 – mr. turtle, who can stretch like the fabric of space-time.  he will make for good stress relief.
 – and last but not least, the smoking orange bunny with the k on its forehead.  when i see the smoking orange bunny with the k on its forehead, i know exactly what to do.

they help make the hours go by as i get ready to bumble through a magical journey of lambda inspired refactorings and dodge industry buzzwords with 18 month lifespans.

if you haven’t seen it on the radio, you’re not thinking hard enough!

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  1. Graham says:

    Sounds like an excellent gig. Coworkers that love lambda bodies must also love squeaky animals.  Because closures are squeaky. Laptops also keen.

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