Hackfest 11101 Postmortem

by graham

6 April 2006, Tonight was low-key:

Graham gave his presentation on ChucK for Music tonight at dorkbot-atlanta. He also worked on a ChucK music tutorial which he neglected to mention at the talk, but is linked to from his chuck-notes page.

Copresenters: Philip Galanter spoke about generative art, as in "Complexity is in between structure and randomness." Boryana Rossa talked about Robot Revolutions, the social dynamics necessary for robots to be truly intelligent and free.

Vinny recorded the talk, which will be up in some form soon. He has been working on ultra secret startup stuff. And cannot disclose it. But someday he will be your boss.

We had the pleasure of talking with Amanda, a neurochemist writing a musical about stem-cell ethics and zombies, and Justin, a CS theoretician making swift progress on fast-mixing markov chain volume approximations. He also wrote a nethack variant at some point.

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