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Hackfest 101101 Mortem

Friday, July 28th, 2006

27 July 2006 – another social night

Vinny -tired, preparing for his move

Graham -helped by Vinny on audio editor design

Alex- doing another camp!

Andrew- back from GHP. knows much of the JFK assassination

Hackfest 100011 Mortem

Thursday, May 18th, 2006

18 May 2006 – everyone’s tired tonight

Luke- the world is one large causal machine.
Andrew- still reading Walden.
Alex- lots of sleeping and running.
Graham- building a client for prospective startup.
-V, A, and Erik suggested design ideas for chuck album site.
Vinny- burned out.
Erik- implemented distance search for cribster, GMaps stuff.
Stephen- openGL shaders that do force-based dimensionality reduction.
Emily- "is love rational?" she’s learning Spanish.

Hackfest 100010 Mortem

Friday, May 12th, 2006

11 May 2006 – No Juice

Since Last Week-

Graham- graduated MS and worked on a web client, left lights on, got a jumpstart from Jody.
Erik- joined a startup doing MLS type open real estate listings.
Andrew- designing a DIY human-powered ultralight from aluminum and a bicycle.
Vinny- using javacc (.jj) to make a compiler for little slice descriptions.
Micah- will attend a PhD program in Early Christianity at Univ. Colorado in Denver.
Luke- working in San Francisco.

Hackfest 100001 Mortem

Friday, May 5th, 2006

4 May 2006 – music: original powerbook brass hit beats

tonight’s activities:

Stephen – working on sound -> image -> sound toolkit (Phouriershop)
Vinny – groups for behaviors – membership lists for subjects of behaviors
Alex – research paper organizer / archive
– like iTunes – an XML based library
– NLP toys as add-ons (trigram generation, keyword finding)
– citeseer + google scholar + web paper scavenging
Graham – SWIMM + startup + notes + learned about web services
Andrew – reading aloud
Luke – using schemeSH to make a virus resistant file system
– also want to write plugin for Beagle –

Atlhack Prehistory

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

Not sure if these were the first formal meetings, but there were a few summer meetings at Graham’s house.

Friday 18 Mar 2005 (vinny’s notes)
–  Last hackday
     –  Graham
         –  Basic direct sound functionality – loading, playing
         –  Loaded MP3’s and played them
     –  Vinny
         –  Managed to do nothing.
         –  BEEP has no complete implementation in .Net
         –  I’ve decided to use Java
         –  I want to make a prodcedural game
–  Today’s Plans
     –  Graham
         –  basic decoding in Bass
     –  Vinny
         –  Finally make a BEEP app, in Java this time
             –  Do it in eclilpse
         –  Brainstorm game ideas
–  Today’s Reality
     –  Graham
         –  Managed to decode a whole MP3 and rewrite to raw PCM, load in editor
             –  Works grrrrrreat!
         –  No FFT analysis yet
     –  Vinny
         –  Configured eclipse
             –  learned about the workspace, and projects
             –  played with the visual editor for 2 seconds, before
                   it crashed
         –  created a project called BeepMe, for chatting
             –  imported beepcore Jars
         –  Pirated a beep sample code to do something
             –  runs a server – does the slowest ping ever.
–  General Ideas
     –  We’re going to take hackday notes
     –  we want our server!
         –  running social networking goodies
         –  be a place to leave notes, code
         –  we need a domain… looking for ideas.  hackatl?
Friday, 20 May 2005
–  Since Last Hackday
    –  Graham
    –  Vinny
        –  Gotten bounce to work
            –  Currently bouncing on 3d needs 2d sqare
            –  ODE works great
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Graham
        –  Auditory Masking
        –  GUI – plugging segmentation algo w/ sequence editing
    –  Stephen
        –  Has a prime number generator in "Processing" (java subset)
            –  speed optimization and graphic scaling – run forever
    –  Joel
        –  Max/MSP
            –  Patch takes the difference of sequential notes
                –  attempting a call and response behavior
            –  Integrating two keyboards and creating harmony
            –  "Well tempered scale, here I come!"
            –  Creating a continuous (vs discrete) music theory
    –  Grant
        –  The return of spoon tease!
            –  A procedural world, a la the demo scene
            –  the end result – a Primer (Stephenson) or game (Scott
            –  Joel says: "Schrödinger’s spoon"
    –  Vinny
        –  Hacking MIDI into windowed electropaint
–  Today’s Reality
    –  Listened to 4 WHOLE EPISODES of Coverville.  It r0x0rs.  So
          does Rodeohead
    –  Graham
        –  Did a little temporal masking
        –  No success with acoustic / instantaneous masking
    –  Stephen
        –  It scrolls!
        –  and runs! continuously!
    –  Grant
        –  Laptop isn’t dealing with opengl, fell back on 2d spoon
              tease generation
    –  Vinny
        –  Struggled to get electrpaint in a widnow, no success yet
        –  Didn’t touch MIDI
    –  Joel
        –  Got inconstant results from Max/MSP
        –  Learned oodles of Max shortcuts

Friday, 8 July 2005 is up in a rudimentry fashion.  I’m waiting on a public IP
from my ISP for a full rollout, but I have a stub page up.  Send me a
link and a picture if you want to be added to it, or if you want me to
change what I have up there.

– Vinny

Hackfest 11101 Postmortem

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

6 April 2006, Tonight was low-key:

Graham gave his presentation on ChucK for Music tonight at dorkbot-atlanta. He also worked on a ChucK music tutorial which he neglected to mention at the talk, but is linked to from his chuck-notes page.

Copresenters: Philip Galanter spoke about generative art, as in "Complexity is in between structure and randomness." Boryana Rossa talked about Robot Revolutions, the social dynamics necessary for robots to be truly intelligent and free.

Vinny recorded the talk, which will be up in some form soon. He has been working on ultra secret startup stuff. And cannot disclose it. But someday he will be your boss.

We had the pleasure of talking with Amanda, a neurochemist writing a musical about stem-cell ethics and zombies, and Justin, a CS theoretician making swift progress on fast-mixing markov chain volume approximations. He also wrote a nethack variant at some point.

Hackfest 11011 Mortem

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

23 March 2006 – Yuppie Ghetto (Midtown) Superstars

Since Last Week:

-(Google Maps) KML export in Blender
-Better mock up of his target UI for Commotion
-ordered stickers! request yours soon!

-has a working proof-of-concept => instanceof operator. Needs to fix a few bugs.
-wants to come up with a => music tutorial.
-recorded some songs with => last weekend.

-worked on his MythTV box (svn-20+)
-helping create debian packages for deployment.
-wrote a PHP program that checks out svn source and deploys on website.

This Week Reality:

-dabbled in adding Guile hooks to =>
-integrating Rhino and js hooks into Eclipse, true runtime language in Eclipse (w/ Luke)

-planned Crawfish boil (w/ Graham)
-Rhino+Eclipse (see above)

-debugged his patch for instanceof
-used ‘diff -ur’ to make a patch of this
-will use the patch to build a wrapper for STK instruments
-wrote outline for => music web tutorial

Hackfest 11001 Postmortem

Friday, March 10th, 2006

9 March 2006, 9ish at Octane

Before the meeting, Graham attended dorkbot-atl-3, Luke caught a flight from Louisiana, and Joel taught a climbing class. Vinny was taking a breather to prepare for a weekend trip.

News and updates:

 – worked on revamping his wiki and blog.
 – is looking for a good place to buy crawfish in Atlanta.
 – getting to know his Microkorg synth better. Wants to get max/msp.
 – will present some ChucK music at Jason’s computer music class.
 – is frequently offended by art theory.
 – wants to write program 100 for LiteratePrograms, will settle for 114.

This was a low key night of discussion and philosophy.

startup school notes

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

I never actually typed up my notes from Startup School, but you can see notes and get audio on the presentations here: Startup School Presentations
Olin Shivers talk was especially excellent.
There is also a Startup Wiki for interested tech entreprenuers.

Hackfest 10101 Mortem

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

9 Feb 2006: Kicking Ass and Taking Notes

Earlier today Graham attended the GVU Brownbag welcoming the newly minted, formerly GSU – Gatech BrainLab. They work with developing invasive and noninvasive brain interfaces for control of typing, surfing the web, etc.

Joel came! He quit his job touching up photos and maps.
He has 2 big projects and one small one.
1. Narration of an epic story through illustration.
2. Digital audio instrument: keyboard + trackpad with deformable grid
that allows you to navigate through harmony and scale space.
e. Tattoo artistry for his friends.
3. Children’s book as studies for number 1.

Graham and Joel went to dorkbot-atl to see Kevin and Steve talk.
The presentations were on video sculpture and gamelan-western hybrid music.

Vinny and Grant discussed Web 2.0 business models.
References: Gallery Nucleus, Kaneda, Video.Google, Homestar Runner, Achewood.
Zero cost distribution for creative works (other than the work creating them).
Grant wants to develop more of his creative side-projects.

Luke got published on Digg and Engadget. He hacked his phone to run Linux + apps.
This week he is learning a little about eclipse, eclipse plugins, rhino, and the linux usbnet module.
Currently in Baton Rouge on assignment.

Luke and I will be having a crawdad boil in the future. You will be invited.

Ben has started work for Bill. He’s working on a secret feature for Messenger.
"The weather is lovely because the jet stream just shifted
But it will be gone in a week and then back to the doldrums."

Music: an eclectic mix of alt-country, including Bright Eyes, courtesy of Octane.