Hackfest 11011 Mortem

by graham

23 March 2006 – Yuppie Ghetto (Midtown) Superstars

Since Last Week:

-(Google Maps) KML export in Blender
-Better mock up of his target UI for Commotion
-ordered atlhack.org stickers! request yours soon!

-has a working proof-of-concept => instanceof operator. Needs to fix a few bugs.
-wants to come up with a => music tutorial.
-recorded some songs with => last weekend.

-worked on his MythTV box (svn-20+)
-helping create debian packages for deployment.
-wrote a PHP program that checks out svn source and deploys on website.

This Week Reality:

-dabbled in adding Guile hooks to =>
-integrating Rhino and js hooks into Eclipse, true runtime language in Eclipse (w/ Luke)

-planned Crawfish boil (w/ Graham)
-Rhino+Eclipse (see above)

-debugged his patch for instanceof
-used ‘diff -ur’ to make a patch of this
-will use the patch to build a wrapper for STK instruments
-wrote outline for => music web tutorial

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