Hackfest 1110011

by Mark Luffel

Drew + Patrick:
– competed in pyweek (stochasm)
– starting to design a pure-python physic engine: “homebrew”
– getting the css right on the tejus/sonali project
– – an svn browser “like collaboa, but appcelerated”
– – svn bindings are painful to deal with
– screwed around with heroku (rails hosting)
– – trying to upload/run an appcelerator project
– friended kevin whinnery on the appcelerator dev network
– went to japan, sapporo, tokyo, learned kanji and kana
– – there are lots of loan words “energy”, “handle”
– – for things that you’d think a native word must exist for
– did some sicp problems
– went to japan, sapporo, tokyo, learned spoken japanese and a pun
– – only works at an indian restaurant:
– – Q: “nan desu ka?” A: “hai, nan desu!”
– – Q: “what is this?” / “is this nan-bread?” A: “yes, it is what!” / “yes, it is nan-bread!”
– did something python related
– – used the unittest framework
– started reading “all of statistics” in earnest
Anna Marie:
– new quarter: reading, writing, art-history
– awesome new roommate: a japanese aficionado
– wrote a blog post on enterprise-resourse-planning
– having a meeting this week about spinning his project off into a new company
– competed in pyweek
– finished his “anarchic noun-space browser/builder”
– is excited by google app engine, disparaging of pylons
– competed in pyweek
ported python-appcelerator to run on google app engine
– refactoring/fixing pyweek code
– working on his gmaps housing-finder mash-up
– drawing circles to limit search

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