Hackfest 1111001

by Mark Luffel

Two New Members!
Ashok (with a silent “H”)
– co-worker of Humza and Cary Hull
– making a website for studying/memorizing
– – will use spaced repetition to pick flashcards to show
– co-worker of Ashok
– learning AppEngine
– – looking at using Exhibition with AppEngine

Scott Driscoll (previously)
– writing Matlab code for a freelance project
– has been selling robotics kits to Make magazine
– work: daily insane perl refactoring sprees
– running: daily
– – on track to hit 100 miles for the month
– should perhaps consider occasionally doing things other than work and running
– stretch goal: put a python REPL into a browser using jython and an applet
– – talked with Lex Spoon about this
– talking with Zach about compilers and byte-code interpreters
– running daily
– wrote an outline of making the wiibow
– – with glovepie + puredata
– organizing his workflow paradigm desktop
– hacking on apparent
– – improving query performance by indexing apartments geohash (not the xkcd geohash)
– trying to make Processing allow Java 1.5 syntax
– – getting segfaults
– should have stuck to playing with geomerative
– biked to Stone Mountain yesterday
– made tiny animations in Flash and Photoshop

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