Hackfest 1111000

by Mark Luffel

– used jQuery for ALOE, impressed
– needed client-side autocompleter
– “the jQuery plugin idea is very nearly perfect”
 – helped throw a surprise birthday party
 – went to the Obama rally in Portland with 75,000 people (video)
 – voted
 – did a little more SICP, has been on a plateau for a while, though
 – last day at job will be June 27 (but certainly not counting, or anything)
– sudoku solver
– flashes of love for statically typed languages
– app for keeping track of lines-written-per-day
– got the apartment finder running on appengine
– bulk uploader for pushing craigslist data into datastore
– trouble with db.TextProperty
– stumbling towards objective-c
– – going to make 1337 iPhone apps that do musical things
– air violin, wiibow
– at panopticon-esque job, did web surfing in lynx
– getting familiar with geomerative
– nowhere near “materializing” fonts yet
– needs to make some additional geometric datastructures

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