Hackfest 1111011

by Mark Luffel

New Member: Dustin
– went to school at RISD
– rock-climbs with Humza
– joking about a movie where:
– – a man who burns other people’s copies of comics to make his copy more rare
– making Flash animations for Intel + Beijing Olympic ads
– partway through watching tekkonkinkreet

– trying to get on the network
– getting into AMQP
– – similar to JMS (which he uses at work)
– 13 work days left before summer vacation
– – down to 8 things on The Todo List That Refused To Die
– looking for an apartment in Bloomington!
– still chipping away at SICP
– – trying to finish chapter 1 exercises by the end of the month
– working on Tyrus’s “flipping coasts” app
– – for keeping in touch with people after he moves
– wrote code for adding negative captchas to rails apps
– not as excited by phusion passenger as tejus is
– configuring his (thinkpad-mac) to do japanese (kotoeri) input
– ã?Œã‚“ã?°ã?£ã?¦ï¼?
– reading Graham’s DAFX paper
– can’t do classloading (which jython needs) in an applet
– – wrote a blog post about it
– – to which Frank W. (big Jython guy at Sun)
– wrote some schema
– thinking metrics for how good a regression fit is
– says that Knuth doesn’t believe in unit-tests
– researching how to get high-speed internet to his rural small-town
– – so that his younger brother can be part of internetdom
– reading Graham’s DAFX paper
– chattering

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